Aluminum Foil Life Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Aluminum foil is something that most of us have stored in our kitchens. It comes in really handy for cooking related things. However, there are so many other uses for aluminum foil that you may not have ever considered! We’re talking everything from cleaning silverware and sharpening scissors all the way to boosting your WiFi signal and cleaning your iron! These aluminum foil life hacks are sure to add ease and convenience to your life. Check them out and see what you think! 

Cleaning Glue Guns

Cleaning a glue gun is a walk in the park with some foil. Here’s some tips

Cleaning Silverware

To give your silverware a new lease of life, place some aluminum foil at the bottom of a tray then add some salt, boiled water and baking soda. Full instructions here

Cleaning Your Iron

Cleaning your iron is as simple as scrunching up a foil ball and using some foam cleaner. Full details here!

Homemade Cookie Cutters

Want to make some shaped cookies but lack the cutters? Make your own with some foil and these helpful steps

Incorrect Battery Sizes

If you need some batteries but the ones you have are too small to fit, use foil like shown in the image below! 


This one is super simple. Foil makes for an excellent funnel replacement! 

Boost Your WiFi Signal

If you’re in need of a WiFi boost, foil could be the answer. Check out the details here

Iron Both Sides Of Your Clothes At Once

Place some aluminum foil under your clothes before ironing. The foil will heat up quickly and iron the other side of your clothes. Further details here

Moving Furniture

Make your life easier when moving furniture by placing foil underneath any parts that touch the ground. This makes things easier to slide and protects your flooring as well! 

Remove Rust From Chrome Plated Surfaces

Following these instructions, you can make your rust covered chrome surfaces look as good as new! 

Remove Static Electricity

Throw some foil balls in your washer to reduce static electricity. Here are some more details! 

Seal Plastic Bags

To seal a plastic bag, place some foil over the area and use an iron to finish. See more details here

Sharpen Scissors

For a quick way to sharpen scissors, cut a piece of foil several times!