Kristen Bell Creates Instagram Campaign Where She Fulfills Teachers’ Wishlists

Being a celebrity certainly comes with a lot of perks. Beyond the glitz and glamour that Tinseltown can offer, celebs also have a powerful influence over others. For years, famous personalities have used their names for good causes. Apparently, Kristen Bell is among those good-natured stars. The actress, most notably known for her roles in Frozen, Veronica Mars and The Good Place has silently been helping teachers across the country get the school supplies needed in their classrooms.


Kristen Bell Announced Her Campaign On Instagram Last Year


Kristen has helped a lot of teachers from different schools equip their classrooms to provide better learning

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Yes! It’s #FeaturedTeacherFriday ?and I love love LOVE this teacher. Jael Zeballos is a teacher in Northern Virginia. Here’s her story: “I’m an ESOL teacher at Falls Church High School, in Northern Virginia. I teach newly arrived immigrants, largely from Central America. Many of them have come alone to seek a better life in the US. They are eager to learn English and get ahead in life. Most of my students come from impoverished backgrounds, and/or have experienced severe trauma on their journey here. These kids are resilient, brave, funny, charming, but, above all, normal teenagers like any other. They dream the same dreams and hope the same hopes that all of us do. In this current climate, I want to make sure that their stories are not forgotten, even if it's only to an audience of teachers like me and their peers. We are witnesses to their experiences, and I want to make sure that during this period that I am privileged to teach them, I do as much as I can to make their time in this country a good one. We have an incredibly supportive community at this school, from the administrators, teachers, custodians, everyone. We have one of the most diverse populations of students in our county, and I couldn't imagine working anyplace better! The budget for school supplies, unfortunately, is very limited as it has to be spread out among thousands of students and classrooms, and everything on my Amazon Wishlist will be put to the best use. All items will directly impact the English learning of my current students, as well future ones in the years to come.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!” I’d love to support Jael’s students and classroom so her wishlist will be in my bio. Thank you to everyone who reads about these amazing teachers and feels inspired to help. We’re all in this together! ?

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In 2018, unfamiliar faces began popping up on the star’s Instagram page every Friday. These photos in fact belonged to teachers that Kristen had chosen for her campaign, #FeaturedTeacherFriday. In a nutshell, the campaign is all about helping teachers by providing things that they need but cannot easily get. The mechanics were pretty simple: all you had to do was send a message to Kristen’s dedicated email address. Teachers could enter themselves, but in some cases, winners were nominated by friends.

Bell chooses a lucky teacher every Friday and shares their story and Amazon wish list on her Instagram page. Since Bell has over 12,500,000 followers on the platform, her featured teachers definitely got everything in their wish lists and more! Those interested in participating in the campaign can send in their entries through [email protected]


A teacher from Flint, Michigan is the latest to benefit from Kristen Bell’s generous campaign

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It’s #FeaturedTeacherFriday ???!! Brooke emailed me to nominate her friend of 25 years, Emily. She told me that when they set up Emily’s classroom this year, she had little beyond tables and chairs and bought the rest of her supplies herself. SO! Let’s send Emily some love and support! Here’s a little about her: “I’m a first year kindergarten teacher at a small Title I school in Genesee County in Flint, MI. Being a Title I school means that a majority of our students live below the federal poverty line. Some of our families struggle to have their basic needs met. Although most of our students reside in the city of Flint, our school is located in a neighboring town. They ride the bus to school, with the earliest pickup being 5:58am and the latest stop being close to 5:30pm. These amazing kiddos spend a majority of their waking hours at school, or traveling to and from school. This is just one of the many reasons that it is so important to make my classroom feel like a home away from home for my students. We call our classroom our “house” and we are all family. Our rules and routines are centered around being good to each other and supporting each other the way families should. Our mission at Woodland Park Academy is to “Create Relationships to Change the World.” For me, fostering these relationships means giving 100 hugs a day, checking in on older students on my lunch, telling students every day that I love them, and listening when they have something to say. It means never losing sight of how even the smallest act of kindness or understanding may change someone’s life. Our school is small and our teachers have some of the lowest paid salaries in our area. Being a first year teacher in an almost empty classroom has been challenging. However, everyday we try to fill our classroom with curiosity, excitement, and love! Please know that any donations received will directly impact the lives of my little learners and I am forever grateful for the support!!” If you feel inspired to help, her wishlist will be in my bio! ??????

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In her Instagram post, the celebrity shared that Emily’s friend of 25 years, Brooke, nominated her for the chance. According to Brooke, in Emily’s classroom this year, there was nothing more than tables and chairs for them to work with. Emily herself had to buy the rest of the supplies for the classroom. The star’s followers delivered, and soon boxes of items that the teacher needed arrived to her school.


Mountains of boxes filled with Emily’s wish list items started arriving just two days after Kristen shared her story


“Our school is small and our teachers have some of the lowest-paid salaries in our area. Being a first year teacher in an almost empty classroom has been challenging. However, every day we try to fill our classroom with curiosity, excitement, and love! Plus know that any donations received will directly impact the lives of my litter learners and I am forever grateful for the support!” Emily gushed upon seeing the mountain of donations.



Emily incorporates affection into her teaching


“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outpouring for support and kind words that I have received over the last week. To say that the last week has been a complete whirlwind is putting it mildly. It has been so overwhelming (in a good way) and I am still in shock! I just wanted to make sure that you all know how amazing and wonderful I think you are! Please keep supporting teachers, supporting education, and most of all, supporting kids!”



People certainly appreciated Kristen’s generous gesture. However, they also pointed out that this shouldn’t be a private citizen’s responsibility. According to the public, teachers shouldn’t have to depend on charity, because this is supposed to be the government’s responsibility. We agree with them, but we’re also happy that Kristen is stepping up to help educate future generations. She’s certainly a hero not only in movies but also in real life!


Kristen Bell’s campaign shined the spotlight on a glaring issue

teachers shouldn't have to depend on celebrity attention


teachers should not have to depend on charity

schools are not funded properly


it would be more amazing if schools and teachers were funded properly