You Can Get A Mini Donut Factory From Amazon And It Takes Just Minutes For The Donuts To Start Flowing

Make your own yummy donuts at home with this Mini Donut Factory. The current pandemic lockdown has taken away some of the luxuries we were accustomed to. Since most of our favorite restaurants and fast food chains are closed, we have no choice but to curb our cravings for the time being. Heck, even an essential trip to the nearest grocery store has become a pain in the neck. So, the best thing we could do is cook our favorite food in the comfort of our home.

We understand the frustration of having intense cravings for Dunkin or Krispy Kreme donuts during the lockdown. But why mope in a corner when you can just make your own donuts at home? Well, you probably think it’s too much of a hassle. Thankfully, we found this Mini Donut Factory, a mini donut maker that will save you from all the elbow grease. All that’s left for you to do is prepare the batter and this reliable machine will do the rest.


Automatic Mini Donut Factory

automatic mini donut factory

The Mini Donut Factory also comes with a donut batter recipe. So you don’t have to worry if you’re a novice in donut-making. Just follow the recipe and you’ll be good to go. Fill the hopper with batter and turn the unit on. The unit automatically shapes each donut before the conveyor pulls each of them into the heated oil. It has a flipping mechanism that automatically flips the donut for even cooking. Furthermore, the unit features an easy-view window so you can watch the entire cooking process.

small doughnuts

Just like a factory conveyor system, the Mini Donut Factory dispenses each cooked donut out. You and your kids can watch as the donuts travel down the dispensing chute. Each small-sized donut takes about 90 seconds to cook. If you follow the recipe, the batter should make up to 30 donuts. Furthermore, the unit also comes with a drip tray to change oil after use and an easy-to-clean drainage pan.

mini donut factory


small-sized doughnuts

You can yours here.

Source: Amazon