New Caramel Creams With Oreo Are Made With Oreo Cookie Pieces Filled With Cream

Goetze’s Candy has delighted generations with irresistible treats like the Caramel Creams and Cow Tales. We’ve tasted quite a few variations of these iconic sweets over the years. But the Caramel Creams With Oreo is Goetze’s boldest creation yet. According to the rave reviews, it’s like an actual Oreo cookie but in caramel form. Dare we say that Goetze’s Candy has created this year’s most unexpected confection creation?

The new Caramel Creams are now on shelves, but some folks knew about them for some time. Apparently, Goetze’s Candy had introduced the Caramel Creams With Oreo and the Oreo Cow Tales at the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). And it was among the top 10 most scanned items in the New Products showcase. If its early accomplishment in piquing the attendees’ interest is any indication, then Goetze’s Candy can definitely look forward to a sweet market response now that they’ve officially begun doling it out for everyone to enjoy!


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The new Caramel Creams have a squishy cream center that oozes out when you bite into it

Goetze’s new candy features an outer layer made with chocolate caramel with Oreo cookie pieces mixed in. This exterior surrounds a cream center that, according to @snackmurder, “has that Oreo filling flavor”. The Instagram account also detailed that the cream center is so soft that “it squishes out” when you bite into the treat. So basically, the new caramel treat is a cookie sandwich you can easily slip into your pocket and enjoy whenever you need a little pick-me-up!



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Many popular Instagram snack-themed accounts have already spotted and snagged Goetze’s Candy’s offering. And according to these blogs, you can find these tasty treats over at Dollar General. Goetze’s Candy hasn’t indicated whether the offering is on a limited time offer or not, so don’t risk missing out. It’s better to have tried this treat than to wonder what it would have tasted like, right? So don’t wait too long!