Online Shopping Disasters That Will Make You Think Twice

Online shopping is supposed to be easy, convenient and risk-free. But, what happens when what you buy online turns into a disaster? Here are 20 online shopping disasters that prove checking the feedback corner is essential before buying anything online.

Expectation vs. Reality

Buying clothes from China be like:

Ordered a Minnie Mouse birthday cake for my niece and this is what I got:

Why checking the size before buying is important:

I hope you got a refund.

When you get a hippo-looking costume instead of the Monsters Inc. one.

Not eggcellent at all!

When you end up sporting The Little Mermaid’s costume.

A total McDisappointment.

Do you think Gordon Ramsay would be proud?


This blanket from Wish won’t keep me warm, unfortunately.

We won’t mind receiving this googly eyed flowers.

This is what fashion looks like nowadays.

McDonald’s got it pretty close to the photo this time around.

Major felting project fail.

This is why you should never trust the photos you see on the menu.

A slice of a slice of a chocolate cake.

This giant teddy bear must be a model with its extra long legs!

Who ordered this Elsa cake? Wait…I mean this horse cake?

Perspective is everything.


Whilst this is a mess up, the dress on the right is still wearable at least!

A few alterations and this wouldn’t be too bad…

Always check the soles of your shoes before buying where possible!

To be fair, we think this is simply a case of poor sizing! The pattern and style looks rather matched!

How you think you look vs how you really look…

When you get 50% off but only receive one shoe!

Now this one is just outrageous! How can anyone advertise the dress on the left and then send out that thing on the right? Shameful!

Don’t be deceived by a good picture and a cheap price!

Well, you get what you pay for!

This person should have no problem getting a refund!


Are you supposed to glue the tassels yourself or something?

When buying from foreign countries, always check the sizing charts provided!

Amusing Photos That Reveal The Negative Side Of Online Shopping

A sorry excuse for an item of clothing!

Spot the difference!

The girl in the dress on the right was probably not feeling red carpet ready!

False advertising at its finest.

Would you prefer to receive an item too big or too small?!

Buying your prom dress online can be a huge risk!

Just a small error here, no big deal…

That is one of the saddest looking Christmas trees we’ve ever seen.

When you spend $750 on shoes and end up with these…

Always read the find print people!

Because mini creatures like to know their weight also?

Always buy wigs from a reputable company with reviews!

How you want to look vs how you end up looking…

Have you had your fair share of online shopping disasters? Tell us about it in the comments below.