Funny Romantic Gestures That Will Make Your Loved One Smile

All you need are sweet romantic gestures from time to time to keep the romance alive. It’s significantly important to let your partner know that love is still floating in the air. A fanciful candlelit dinner, bouquet of fresh flowers, sweet chocolates, and greeting cards can do the trick. But if you think these things are nothing short of a humdrum, you can go a little bit more creative. Besides, all you need to do is impress your loved ones with your ingenuity. Learn from these people who came up with these funny romantic gestures.



A sweet message with a touch of a deadly threat.

You know it’s Valentine’s Day when you see this sign in your local grocery store.

This is a perfect place to friend-zone someone.

This is enough reason why you shouldn’t let your husband take in charge of decorating your baby’s room.

A guy pranks his girlfriend who was caught snooping for an engagement ring.

This man invites his wife to go paddling on a lake for a date. He accidentally hit her with the paddle causing her fall into the water. So much for a romantic trip.

This man brought a present for his ex-wife and we can see she’s not at all pleased with it.

“Asked my husband to photograph me in the pool, he claimed that all his attention was focused on me.”

Keep the romance alive by giving your loved ones something to smile (or laugh) about. Take a hint from these funny romantic gestures by brilliant people.


A loving husband plans to surprise his wife with a bouquet of daffodils. He returned home with a bunch of asparagus because he didn’t know what daffodils look like.

A girl was able to convince her boyfriend to attend art class with her. Guess who her boyfriend is?

Why did you even bother asking?

A gift that represents a strong and reliable relationship.

A guy surprised his girlfriend with a fancy dinner. Sometimes it’s all about the plate presentations.

A bouquet of goodies for your boyfriend.

“I bought my wife a dozen roses for Valentine’s day, she was not impressed.”

Tolerance is a sign of love. This wife made her message clear to her husband.