Online Shopping Nightmares That Will Make You Think Twice Before Ordering

With the advent of the internet, nowadays it’s easy to find and buy everything online. From the silliest objects down to the most in demand and essential things, having them is just a few clicks always. Especially for some who’s busy to go to the mall/store, online shopping is the new trend for a hassle-free life. However, along with the swift rise of online shopping stores, comes a number of unexpected twists. That being said, here are some online shopping nightmares that will make you think twice before ordering! 

#1 Well, at least they got the color correct, right?


#2 Smaller size means smaller consumption. It’s how you look at the brighter side. That’s their tagline, I guess.


#3 What happens when the fur coat was tightly packed for days? It gave up.


#4 An bear without its stuffing is a sad sight indeed. 



#5 This is another marketing strategy. After the customer receives what he ordered, they’ll offer him a shampoo. You just wait.


#6 When expectations vs. reality hits you hard.


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#7 When you ordered a pair of hiking boots..





 …but the online store insists that you need a pair of high heels and sends it to you anyway. Maybe they just know better than the customer.

#8 Now, this is the part where reading before purchasing is really crucial. Don’t say they didn’t warn you…


#9 It’s like watching a magic show. One of the magician’s rule is to never repeat the same trick twice. But at least the leaves are still there.


#10 Ordered the one on the left, got the one on the right… 


#11 This is what happens when you’re really buying what you’re seeing from the internet. Like, literally.


#12 Another case of an insisting online store. When you want to learn music but they insist you on you learning sports instead.


#13 Something must have gone wrong. But, this isn’t that bad! 


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