Crazy Things Mothers-In-Law Said To Brides Before The Wedding

There are many people out there who have a kind, caring and loving mother in law that they wouldn’t change for anyone else. Having a strong bond with your partner’s mother is so important, and it feels wonderful too. Unfortunately, there are many mothers in law who insist of giving themselves a bad name. Meddling, moaning and being unreasonable are all key characteristics to look out for! Below we have a list of crazy things mothers in law said to brides before the wedding. Some of these are just ridiculous! Take a look!
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We imagine the friend was both exited and afraid at this revelation! 

‘All men cheat’ simply isn’t true. For those that do cheat, turning a blind eye is bound to leave you feeling miserable. 

Telling someone they could be your worst enemy is not going to make them want to be your friend! 

Sometimes as parents we know the flaws of our children and will be open about it. Of course, this could have been meant in a nasty or nice manner, we simply don’t know. 


Was this meant with love? Or was it one of those insulting ‘compliments’ that people give… 

So, instead of making an effort to make the proper introduction, the decision was made to miss out altogether? What a shame. 

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This sort of attitude towards children is nasty and rude in our opinion. 

Why does it have to be a competition?

To be fair, although these statements might be frustrating to hear, they seem like pretty reasonable points. Removing these concerns should be fairly easy with some good communication. 

Well, they aren’t her kids so good luck with that! 

This sort of mother in law fits into the awful stereotype perfectly.  

Two years? That doesn’t seem like a big gap at all! Sounds like an excuse to moan to us… 

‘He’ should say this himself if that’s how he really feels. Although, it’s not down to anyone to decide what their partner wears!