Things Old People Do That Make You Laugh, Cry Or Just Shake Your Head

Someone’s struggle is not a laughing matter. But seeing old people struggling with technology is just too cute and funny. Our grandparents were probably in their 30s when the first mobile phone was introduced. And if you’re wondering what the first mobile phone was like, it was a clunky device offering just a 30-minute long voice call, after which you’ll have to recharge it for 10 hours. Obviously, it’s a far cry from the internet-enabled, app-loaded smartphones we have now.

Our main point here is to show you how technology has rapidly evolved over the last 50 years. Unlike us, older people didn’t grow up with a smartphone or a laptop in hand. The big gap in technology is one of the biggest barrier that old people have to overcome in order to keep up with fast-paced technology. While there are some seniors who decide to eschew digital technologies, others are trying their best to embrace and participate fully in mainstream technology. This is mostly because communication technology and social networking allows them to have regular contact with their loved ones and friends.


Old People Using Technology In The Most Hilarious Ways


“Me: ‘Grandma, I’d Like To Take A Picture Of Us’. Activate Front-Facing Camera. Grandma: ‘Oh That’s A Very Nice Picture, When Is That From?’ Me: ‘That’s Us Right Now'”

old people technology struggles front camera

Since old people aren’t accustomed to most smart devices, they tend to have troubles figuring out how to use the latest smartphones and tablets. Most of the times, they would try to figure it out themselves because they are sometimes too prideful to ask for help. And when we find them using these devices the wrong way, we can’t help but giggle inside and just let them think they’re doing it right to save them from embarrassment.


“They Had Us In The First Half Not Gonna Lie”

hilarious seniors gender reveal


“My Grandma Got Into A Fight With Our Mixer. The Mixer Won.”

old people technology struggles mixer


“Grandpa Went To Get His Passport Photos Done But Pressed The Wrong Button”

old people technology struggles photo wig effects


“My Uncle Using His Flashlight To Brighten Up My Dads iPad Screen”

old people technology struggles flashlight ipad screen


“My Grandfather Got This Tie For Free In The ’90s And Wears It To Every Passover Seder”

hilarious seniors viagra necktie


“My Grandparents Were Waiting For Each Other At The Mall”

hilarious seniors meeting up


“My Dad Likes Reading So I Got Him A Kindle For His Birthday. He’s Using It As A Bookmark”

old people technology struggles kindle bookmark


“I Told My Grandpa That I Wanted To Build My Own Computer While We Were Talking Over The Phone, A Week Later This Came In The Mail”

funny grandparents build ibm computer



hilarious seniors name for drink


“My Mother Made A Facebook Account And This Was Her First Message To Me”

hilarious seniors first facebook photo


“My Grandma Thought This Was A Cross So She Hung It Up. I Decided Not To Correct Her”

funny grandparents minecraft sword cross


“My Grandma Knows I’m An Uber Driver But Doesn’t Know How It Works. She Got Me This Planner And Wrote ‘Thought This Would Be Good For Your Uber Appt’s'”

funny grandparents uber pocket planner


“My Wife’s Grandpa Is Unsubscribing From Facebook”

old people technology struggles unsubscribing from facebook


“My Grandpa Asked Why The Trail Mix Tasted So Bad”

funny grandparents trail mix for hamsters


“My Grandma, An Avid Gardener, Has Been Wearing This Mask For Weeks. The Checkout Lady At The Store Today Explained It To Her”

funny grandparents face mask with weed patterns


“My Grandpa Doesn’t Trust His New Roomba So He’s Been Following It Around”

old people technology struggles roomba


“Haven’t Found My Fisheye Lens For Weeks. My Mom Used It As A Clipper”

old people technology struggles fisheye lens clipper


“Set Up My Mom’s Updated TV System Yesterday”

old people technology struggles update tv system


“Hey, That’s My Son”

old people technology struggles son photo


“My Grandma Loves Her ‘Jesus’ Statue”

funny grandparents obi wan jesus


“My Grandma Bought My Whole Family Masks – Not Only Do They Make You Look Like Underwear Hannibal Lecter, But They Also Have Holes Punched Through To Make It ‘Easier To Breathe'”

funny grandparents hannibal lecter face mask


“My Friend Was At The Airport, And This Old French Woman Just Didn’t Care”

hilarious seniors airport elder lady in the way


“My Mom Accidentally Printed Her Divorce Papers On Stickers”

old people technology struggles divorce paper sticker


“My Grandma’s Friend Used The Voice To Text Option And Couldn’t Get It To Stop”

old people technology struggles voice text feature


“My Grandmother Passed Down Her Recipes On A Floppy Disk”

old people technology struggles recipes saved floppy disk


“My Father Made This Really Nice Landscaping In His Front Yard. And Then He Stood Back And Realized What He Had Done”

hilarious seniors phallic landscaping


“My 97-Year-Old Grandpa Is On Facebook. A Couple Of Years Ago He Liked A Photo Of Mine, So He Printed The Whole Page To Display It In His Home”

old people technology struggles printed facebook photos


“Trying To Explain To The 70-Year-Old Swiss Man Who Offered To Take Our Pic That His Finger Was Covering The Lens”

old people technology struggles finger covering lens


“This Is What Happens When Your 2,088-Week-Old Mother Loves To Push Buttons In Her New Car”

hilarious seniors pushing car buttons


“My Grandmother Had Some Kind Of Existential Facebook Crisis This Afternoon”

old people technology struggles existential facebook crisis


“When Mom Comes Over To Visit”

hilarious seniors weed bong flower vase


“So My Cat-Crazy Mother Figured Out How To Change The WiFi Name Today, Now My Neighbours Must Think We’re Running A Brothel. Great”

hilarious seniors cat crazy wifi name


“When You Choose An Inappropriate Background To Break The Bad News”

old people technology struggles wrong background


“Found This On Facebook Marketplace And Can’t Stop Thinking About It”

hilarious seniors reflection included


“My Dad Gave Me This Picture For Christmas”

old people technology struggles printed screenshot


“Cher Accidentally Turning On Night Mode And Nancy Sinatra Telling Her To Restart. Amazing”

old people technology struggles celebrities


“My Grandma Doesn’t Believe I Am Who I Say I Am”

funny grandparents birthday envelope


“My Mother Got Embarrassed When She ‘Found My Girlfriends Panties’ On Our Kitchen Table”

hilarious seniors face mask panty


“My Grandmother Found A Lanyard For Her Keys”

funny grandparents offensive lanyard


“Went To China To Visit My Grandparents And Saw This Picture On Their Wall. They Thought It Meant Something Inspirational In English”

funny grandparents sample your text


“My Grandfather Bought This Neck Massager Online. He Thinks It’s Interesting That This Model Is Also Waterproof”

funny grandparents vibrator mistaken for neck massager


“My Girlfriend’s 79-Year-Old Grandpa Asked Us To Come Over On Easter So He Could Give Us Some Free Computers”

old people technology struggles free computers


“Wrong Emoji”

old people technology struggles wrong crying emoji


“I Got My 80-Year-Old Father This As A Gag Gift. When He Opened It, He Got All Embarrassed And Immediately Tucked It Away. Later, I Privately Asked Him Why He Got All Weird About It, And I Found Out That He Was Under The Impression That It Was A Sex Toy”

hilarious seniors rubber chicken toy


“My Mom Photocopies Recipes Off Of Her iPad”

funny grandparents photocopied recipe off ipad


“My Grandmother Politely Asked Me To Try And Not Leave My Condoms In Her House. I Think I Need To Politely Ask Grandma To Upgrade Her Prescription Glasses”

funny grandparents face shield pack mistaken for condom


“When My Grandfather Has To Log Into Facebook, He Creates A New Account Instead. Today Is His Birthday”

old people technology struggles too many facebook accounts


“My Mom Found A Blurb In The Newspaper About An App She Was Interested In And Wanted To Remember. Instead Of Taking Picture Of It, She Cut It Out And Taped It To The Back Of Her Phone.”

old people technology struggles cut from newspaper


“Old People Youtube”

old people technology struggles youtube tutorial

Old people who are trying their hands at technology are just the cutest and most hilarious things ever. And if you find yourself enjoying these photos of technologically challenged seniors then we’ve got more pics.