17 Things That Happen When You Are Having A Bad Day


So you think you are having a bad day? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Take a look at these 17 total failures of days and thank your lucky stars that they’ve (hopefully) not happened to you…yet! The sunburn on that guys legs has got to hurt. It made our skin crawl just looking at it and what about the guy getting eaten by his bed? Read on to see the stuff of nightmares!


Better hope this wipes off!

And you think YOU are having a bad day??


What was this kid doing?


This guy must have been tired getting dressed that morning!


Oww that must have been sore.


Morning smoothie fail.


How bored is this guy going to get now?


Isn’t this just typical?


Hope the guy who bought these doesn’t like chocolate!


When your bed eats you, it’s no fun.


Better change those pants!


door knob lanyard


Yes, this has to be one of the stupidest fails ever.


Uh-oh, this is NOT a good start to the day!


This gives a whole new meaning to burning calories.


Hope this guy had the number of a good locksmith.


This is NOT the correct way to scramble eggs!

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