Snapple Has Released A Limited Edition Pineapple Flavor And It Tastes Like Summer

Don’t let the current global scare stop you from enjoying the spring season. Thanks to the new Snapple Pineapple flavor, we can still relish in spring even when we’re inside our homes. Snapple sure knows how to make this the perfect spring!

The new pineapple flavor features a refreshing blend of pineapple and carrot juices. Aptly named Pineapple of my Eye, this limited edition flavor is purely ‘spring in a bottle’. The yellow-colored fruit juice comes in a 16 oz bottle. Snapple hasn’t officially announced the new flavor just yet. But some lucky shoppers have spotted these beverages at Target stores. The new flavor isn’t listed on Target’s website yet. So, your best chance is to visit the nearest Target store in hope that you can find them.


The New Snapple Pineapple Flavor


Opinions are split as to the taste of the new pineapple flavor. One Instagram user who has tried it said that it was really good. The taste is not too tangy and the carrot juice wasn’t overbearing at all. On the other hand, another Instagram user attests that it ‘tasted like flat, watered down pineapple soda’. The only way to find out is to try this new flavor for ourselves, right? And if you’ve tried this new flavor then don’t forget to share your opinions about it.