17 Back-To-School Truths All Families Can Identify With


Summer is so awesome. Those long (and hopefully hot) days seem to go on forever. That is until you come back down to earth with a crash when you realize it's back-to-school time! Agh! The phrase 'back-to-school' strikes fear into the hearts of most kids, having that sinking feeling of knowing their freedom is over for a while. Take a look at these 17 back-to-school realities and see which ones you identify with!


Summer vacations are the best!

family relaxing summer


The days seem to go on forever!

kids playing water


There's so much fun to be had!

kids fun park


Uh oh, it's back-to-school time!


There's no denying it, this is bad.



No more sleeping till noon.



Warning, you might need to drag your kids to school.



Dropping the kids off on their first day is fun!




parents freedom hula hoops


Back-to-school means back-to-homework.



The kids will soon be finishing their work like pros!



Your kids will be back in the swing of things in no time!



Just make it through that first Monday and you will be good for the remainder of the week.



You'll enjoy meeting those substitute teachers!



Let's face it though, going out so early isn't much fun.



Just keep thinking about all those hilarious school talent shows you've got to look forward to!




And finally, don't worry about those rotten bullies as dad will always sort them out… probably!

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