Elderly Woman Isolating Alone Asks Neighbors Via A Note For Some DVDs & Books And They Deliver

Staying at home is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy during these trying times. However, we also can’t discount the fact that it could be hard especially for those who are living alone. More so if they belong to the vulnerable groups like the elderly ones and those with any form of disability. So, when an elderly woman in London sought a little help from her neighbors, they certainly didn’t let her down.

Twitter user Bon Cliff recently shared a photo of a handwritten note that she found on her block’s lobby door. It turned out to be from one of her neighbors—a 72-year-old woman who is living alone and “going round the twist with nothing to read.” In the note, the lady expressed her intention to request for spare books and DVDs from her neighbors.

Handwritten Note by Elderly Woman Asking for Books and DVDs

So, when Bon Cliff and her neighbors learned of this note, they quickly delivered. Without a second thought, they dropped off the requested items at the elderly lady’s door. And on the following day, she left another note expressing her appreciation towards her neighbors’ generosity. Apparently, this wholesome act of kindness has touched the hearts of many and prompted Bon Cliff’s post to go viral. Her tweet has garnered over 496K likes with more than 68K retweets to date.

“Yesterday an elderly woman in my block taped the first note to the lobby door, so my neighbours and I dropped off some books/DVDs for her. Today she stuck up a second note :)”

The following day, the elderly woman left another note to give thanks to her kind-hearted neighbors

Handwritten Thank-you Note by Elderly Woman


The online community also expressed their gratitude towards the neighbors’ kind efforts

“I wish to become this old bird one day, with as equally kind-hearted neighbors”

“I’m crying man”

“This virus situation is showing a lot of good in people. We all need to help our neighbors”

“I hope people left their phone numbers so they could chat with her ? isolation (in the elderly especially) literally can cause mental decline. I hope she has family and friends she talks to”

“This warmed my heart”

“Awww bless her heart”

“Awww that’s amazing. Please check if she needs any groceries etc too just in case”

“So lovely that she felt she could ask and that you guys could help”

“This is why you should listen to social distancing rules, so pure hearted people like this have the chance to live their last years with their family and friends instead of tucked away inside! x”

“This warms the cockles of my heart ?

It took a pandemic to bring back the art of handwritten notes – now a rare commodity.

She reminds me of the elderly women/men in the residential/nursing homes I worked in while at Uni. Straight to the point & with a good dose of humor.”

“I sometimes forget how easy kindness can be. Thanks for sharing & reminding.”


Others also shared their personal lockdown stories

alpinealison Reddit Comment on Old Lady Handwritten Note Story


pixiepoof Reddit Comment on Elderly Woman Handwritten Note Story


buffalonixon Reddit Comment on Old Lady Handwritten Note Story


alfaguara27 Reddit Comment on Old Lady Handwritten Note Story

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also constantly stressed that mental health is another key consideration during these anxious times. In an online press conference, Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, reminded the public to check on their elders from time to time.

“If keeping your grandparents safe means you can’t visit them in person, talk to them every day so that they don’t feel alone. Physical distancing is not social isolation.”

He further noted that caring for older people in the community is “everyone’s business.” Indeed, it is during these challenging times that humanity should reign supreme. After all, even small acts of kindness are surely more than enough to lift a person’s spirit. So, let us always choose to be kind whenever possible.

Source: Bon Cliff