This Nuclear Bomb Explosion Lamp Might Just Be The Coolest Looking Lamp Ever Made

Destructive yet fascinating – that’s how a nuke blast looks in the movies. But of course, we don’t want to see one in real life. This nuclear bomb explosion lamp features a diorama model of an atomic bomb detonation based on archival footage capturing actual bomb explosions. Now you can take this breathtaking scene right into your bedroom. This miniature 3D model features the incredible boom to add a spectacular display to your room.

This lamp depicts the exact moment of the explosive detonation surrounded by mushroom-shaped flammagenitus clouds of smoke and debris. This handmade diorama model is constructed with metal wire, rods, rims, wood and synthetic and real cotton. The clouds of cotton are airbrush painted to give the replica a more realistic look. Inside the thick cotton construction is a high quality glass LED bulb. The wooden board where the model stands has LED modules and a Geiger-Muller radiation tube to give more details of the explosion.


The Nuclear Bomb Explosion Lamp

nuclear bomb explosion lamp

To further simulate radioactivity the diorama model gets a coat of glow-in-the-dark powder as a finishing touch. You can also opt to add an inscription handwritten under the wooden board to personalize this decorative night lamp. Take note that that each piece is carefully handmade and processing time usually takes up to 60 days. But we’re pretty sure it’s worth the long wait. So, order it now and expect to receive it in around two months. One satisfied customer wrote:

“What else can I say? It’s ‘da bomb’! Not sorry about the dad joke. It’s very well made, solid, and looks awesome night and day. I’m having a lot of fun and love showing it off.”

nuclear bomb explosion lamp led light


nuke blast diorama model


mushroom cloud diorama model


nuclear bomb explosion lamp diorama


nuke blast light-up diorama


nuclear bomb explosion lamp decorative


atomic blast diorama model


nuclear bomb explosion lamp model

So, what do you think of this cool and unique lamp? If you love it, you can purchase yours here.

Source: Etsy