Mom Decorates Bedroom For 3 Daughters And People Love The Unique Three-Person Bed

Moving into a new house is certainly not an easy feat. But what’s even more difficult is filling it with furniture and choosing décor which will transform it into a cozy home. Luckily, there are helpful Facebook groups such as “DIY On A Budget Official” to help people achieve their dream homes even with a tight budget. And recently, a post from a member has gone viral because of her amazing DIY bedroom makeover. The highlight of the room? A pretty nifty three-person bed for her three daughters.

Nicki Draycott is a thirty-five-year-old mom of four from Nottinghamshire. She took to the Facebook group to share some photos of her daughters’ newly decorated room. It features blush pink walls, a floral wall panel, as well as a variety of lovely wall decorations. Aside from the room’s charming interior, the other members were particularly fond of the bed’s unique structure.

pastel pink room for girls


diy three-person bed for girls


Nottinghamshire-based mom Nicki Draycott gave her daughters’ bedroom a makeover

Unlike typical bunk beds, this one consists of three individual ones. That way, it can comfortably sleep her three daughters—five-year-old Ava, three-year-old Arla and 11-month-old Evie.

“When I was pregnant and we found out I was having another girl, we knew that the 3 girls would have to share a bedroom. Therefore the search began for a triple bed that would work in their bedroom, ensuring its footprint was as little as possible with them still having a full-size single bed each, to ensure we used the space in the bedroom as best as we could.”


People online are loving its charming blush pink interior, especially this brilliant bespoke three-person bed

diy three-person bed


diy budget room makeover for girls

The crafty mom’s post quickly garnered positive responses from other members of the group. At the same time, she also received several questions regarding the materials she used for the room. So, she then updated her post and listed all the items she used to turn her daughters’ dream room into reality.

nicki draycott facebook post diy three-person bed for girls 1
Nicki Draycott


nicki draycott facebook post diy three-person bed for girls 2
Nicki Draycott


nicki draycott facebook post diy three-person bed for girls 3
Nicki Draycott


nicki draycott facebook post diy three-person bed for girls 4
Nicki Draycott

As it turns out, the room’s “pink and flowery” theme was based on the request of her daughters. Luckily, she was able to find most of the items she needed from home improvement retailers like IKEA, B&Q and Dunelm. In addition, she was also able to buy decorative items from multiple sellers on Etsy and Facebook. Meanwhile, the bespoke three-person bed was from the shop Steps 2 Bed Ltd which Nicki also found on Facebook.

“We then came across a company called ‘Steps 2 Bed Ltd,’ who make the beds and come and build it at your house. They are all built to British safety standards, which was the most important factor for us when looking for a bed.”


All the items she used were from various home improvement retailers, as well as online sellers from Etsy and Facebook

girls name die cut wall decor


diy room makeover for girls


The room also features a reading nook!

girls room reading nook

Nicki shared that she’s overly thankful for the positive responses that she received for her makeover project. But, according to her, the “best feedback” is still from her children.

“They absolutely love it. Ava said when she woke up after her first night, she felt like she was in a hotel. Arla just kept hugging us both and saying thank you, she now stays in her bed all night. Evie is too young to go into her bed yet, however, she has sat on it and was happy and smiling looking at everything. My little boy was the only one who was allowed in whilst we did the makeover as I wanted him to feel involved. He loves it that much he slept in Evie’s bed on the first night.”

Earlier this year, Nicki and her husband created a Minecraft-themed room for their son Coen. The creative mom has also set up an Instagram page where she documents their journey of turning their house into a “forever home.” And as per the profile’s description, two out of 12 rooms have already been completed. Apparently, there are ten more to go. So, if you want to find out how Nicki will transform these spaces, then feel free to follow her page!

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