There’s A Company That Can Create A Wearable Replica Mask Of Your Pet’s Head

How much do you love your pets? Do you love them to the point that you wish to look like them? Consider your wish fulfilled because a Japanese company creates custom-made super-realistic replica masks that will turn you into a giant clone of your pet. We’re not quite sure how your pet would react upon seeing you in these masks. Will they appreciate it or will they find it creepy? Just imagine yourself in their position. What would you feel if you see someone wearing a mask that exactly looks like you? But nevertheless, your pet’s reaction would be priceless.

So, if you’re looking for something cute and freaky at the same time, this wearable mask will give you just that. Besides, when it comes to making crazy and fun stuff, no one does it better than Japan. Tokyo-based creative planning office Shindo Rinka, in collaboration with modeling workshop 91, designed a hyper-realistic mask in the form of a cat. The lifelike mask is named “My Family” and is modeled after a Bengal cat named Lui.

hyper-realistic pet replica mask

Shindo Rinka partnered with another Tokyo-based creative company 91 that specializes in creating super-realistic masks and sculptures. Their creations look so real that some people also find it disturbing. Now, the company is offering its service to every pet owner who wishes to have a mask.  So, who’s ready to wear the face of their beloved pets?


Meet Lui, the model of the pet replica mask

model bengal cat lui

Visit the website and fill out your information. You will be asked to send photos of your pet and the expert craftsmen will do the rest. Whether your pet is a cat, a dog, a monkey, a hamster or a bunny, this headgear can turn you into realistic clone of your pet. First, designers mold a sculpture based on your pet’s photo.

So, make sure to capture a high-definition photo of your pet’s face to define every little detail. Fur is then applied to the sculpture. Then they finish it off with colors and patterns to fill in details.

japanese craftsman molds sculpture


shindo rinka 91 design


wearable pet head


Turn yourself into your pet’s doppelganger

shindo rinka realistic pet replica mask


realistic pet replica mask


Watch the hyper-realistic replica mask in action on the video below


Of course, this mask doesn’t come cheap considering its incredible detail and excellent craftsmanship. The headgear costs about ¥300,000 (around $2,687). Take note that the price depends on the type of pet mask and the complexity of the design. Dog masks, for example, are expected to cost more because they tend to use more hair. It is also important to note that you’ll also need to pay for the shipping fee separately.

After confirming your order and sending photos of your pet, the company will send you an estimate of the price including shipping fee. They will also send you regular updates of the production so you can monitor the entire the process. Once the mask is completed based on your own preferences, they will ship it to your location as the company offers worldwide shipping. Learn more about these realistic pet mask here.

Source: Shindo Office