Destroy Your Competitors By Devising Your Plans Around This Awesome Viking Conference Table


If you've ever dreamed of raiding and sacking villages while stuck in a boring business meeting, then this is the conference table for you. South African architecture and design firm Wildetecture came up with this amazing digital 3-D rendering of a Viking longboat-inspired conference table, and we love it! The architect who worked on this piece, Quinton J. Damstra is a firm believer in the concept that aesthetics should trump practicality, so it might turn out that his design wasn't too comfortable after all. 

Website: Wildetecture


Wildetecture/Bored Panda


A Scottish shipping company loved the idea of the longboat design and thought it could be fitting for their conference room given the Viking heritage of Scotland. However, they requested the design be toned down and made slightly more corporate and more comfortable to fit in with a business setting. So the three designers at Wildetecture came up with a few alternative designs to choose from.


Wildetecture/Bored Panda







We're not sure which design was picked in the end, but they're all pretty neat. However, we do love the very first design, as it seems the most authentic! This would make a fun dining table, too!

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