The ‘SnapPower’ Outlet Plate Turns Your Wall Into A USB Charger


Whether you are at a friends home, family home or your own home, everyone knows that struggle of hunting around for a USB adapter to charge one of your many electronic devices. Well the people over at 'SnapPower' have come up with a spectacular yet simple solution… a USB charger that uses patented 'power prong' technology to directly draw power into the cover plate of your outlet. All you need to make the conversion is a screwdriver! With a sleek modern look, the plate still blends nicely with any decor. The guys behind the invention went through over 20 different 3D prints to get to the final design, but the hard work has paid off as SnapPower is on its way to pass $1 million on Kickstarter. Check it out below!
Website: Kickstarter