This Starry Night Sky Projector Will Have You Falling Asleep While Looking Up At The Stars

People of all ages have been mesmerized by the stars since the beginning of time. Indeed, looking at the stars is one of the few things that can effectively calm the mind. So, why not bring the stars above into your home with this Starry Night Sky Projector? Display the wonders of the cosmos right onto your ceiling or walls and bask in the beauty of space with your very own indoor stargazing.

This fascinating projector casts images of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. It features a direct diode laser, precision glass optics and holographic technologies to project bold and vivid images for an ‘out-of-this world’ visual experience. The device comes with simple button controls that allow you to set your preferred light effects and brightness level. For the light effects, you can opt to display either the blue nebula cloud or the stars only. You can also set the stars in static or in motion if you prefer to watch the stars move across the room around you.


Starry Night Sky Projector

starry night sky projector green

The projector comes in two star color options: blue and green. Both versions project blue nebula clouds with either blue or green stars. The device has a built-in 6-hour timer and includes a 3-foot AC adapter cord. This compact LED projector is an awesome substitute for your kids’ night lights. It is easy to use and operate, making it ideal for both adults and kids.


Blue Stars Version

blisslights sky lite


blisslights sky lite blue stars


starry night sky projector blue stars


blisslights sky lite blue led


Green Stars Version

blisslights sky lite green


blisslights sky lite green stars


starry night sky projector green stars


blisslights sky lite green stars led


blisslights sky lite green light effects

Not just for bedrooms, you can use it in the dining room, game room, home theater or anywhere you want to have a relaxing environment. This compact projector measures 9.25 x 8.19 x 3.11 inches and weighs 1.68 pounds. So, you can easily move it anywhere around your home. One happy buyer wrote:

“I have never been so excited in my life! As soon as I hit the power button, I broke into the biggest smile and laugh ever! I am in love, and will totally recommend to you star gazers out there! I swear I’m never leaving my room!”

starry night sky projector dining room


starry night sky projector relaxing light


starry night sky projector relaxing space


blisslights sky lite game room


blisslights sky lite dimmable


blisslights sky lite living room


starry night sky projector compact


starry night sky projector galaxy effect

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starry night sky projector

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