This Stunning Crescent Moon Mirror Will Be The Centerpiece To Any Room

Beautiful, enchanting and mysterious – the moon also symbolizes eternity and feminine energy. Now you can inherit these qualities every time you look at yourself in this charming Moon Mirror. The artist uses sand to create the crescent moon so it looks as real as possible with accurate details such as craters.

The mirror is made by Mexican artisan Granila Santisteban and sold by a company called Mercado Collective. This uniquely designed mirror also doubles as a stylish wall decoration. You can always get that soothing feeling each time you look at it, thanks to the calming aura of the crescent moon. And anyone who sees it will be envious as it’s definitely the prettiest mirror of them all.


This Unique Mirror Features A Crescent Moon On One Side

This mirror is called the Luna Mirror and it is available in medium and large sizes. The medium size has a diameter of 15.7 inches while the large size has a diameter of 23.6 inches. Take note that this is a bestselling item so they did sell out on the company’s site. But, you can check back regularly to see if stock is back.


Here Are Some Amazing Customer Photos That Show How Stunning The Mirror Is

Source: Granila Santisteban | Granila Santisteban Instagram