People Share How Things Are ‘Meant’ To Be Used That Many People Still Don’t Know About

Most of the time, we use certain items without paying much attention to the trivial details. But sometimes these tiny details can actually help us in big ways. Some are quite obvious that they’ll have you wondering why you didn’t notice or realize them before. Unlocking these mysteries can, in fact, open doors to a lot of great life hacks. So, without further ado, allow us present a list of things you didn’t know had a purpose. Well, perhaps you’ve already heard of some, but we’re sure that they’ve amazed you at one point in your life.

Back in the days, jeans were a popular option among laborers, cowboys, and miners because of their durability. As such, to withstand harsh work environments, rivets were placed on areas where the jeans were likely to rip apart.


Rivets on Jeans Pockets Things You Didn't Know
Levi Strauss


Apple introduced the triple microphone configuration back in 2012 when it launched the iPhone 5. So, if you’re wondering where’s the third microphone, it’s the tiny hole between the rear camera and the flash.


iPhone Additional Microphone Between Camera and Flash


Do you always forget which side your gas cap is on? Well, this little hack might just do the trick. Simply check where the arrow beside the fuel pump icon in the gas gauge is pointing. This indicates which side the gas tank is on.


Gas Tank Indicator Arrow Indicated by a Yellow Circle Things You Didn't Know
Honk For Help


Chances are the little hole at the bottom of a padlock never caught your attention. But it’s there for two good reasons. First, it serves as a drainage to prevent water from accumulating inside the lock and causing rust. Second, it acts as a lubrication spot where oil can be deposited in parts that are not accessible.


Yellow Arrow Pointing to the Hole on the Bottom of a Padlock


Next, on our list of things you didn’t know. Have you ever noticed the bumps on your keyboard’s F and J keys? If not, don’t worry, you’re probably not the only one. But just so you know, the F and J keys are the ideal spots for your index fingers to rest. They’re there to help you position your hands correctly when you type.


Keyboard Bumps on F and J Keys
Just Entertainment Daily


Wine bottle punts are another thing that might amuse you. These indentations or dimples at the bottom of the bottle help it stand upright. Besides, the punts allow even distribution of pressure in the bottle. Similarly, they collect sediment from the wine and prevents it from rising when poured.


White Arrow Pointing to a Wine Bottle Punt
Wine Across Texas


Some garlic presses double as cherry pitters. Hence, this explains why it features a plunger at the bottom. However, nowadays, these two devices rarely come together as one.


Garlic Press that Doubles as a Cherry Pitter


Dropping your phone in a pool or any body of water is something you would not wish to experience. However, should you encounter such an unfortunate event, simply check the liquid contact indicator (LCI) of your phone. It comes in the form of a sticker that changes color after contact with water.


Yellow Arrow Pointing to the Moisture Indicator on a Samsung Phone


The serrated end of the tape measure allows you to leave marks with it, in case you forgot your pencil. Plus, it also comes with a hole where you could fasten a screw or bolt. This secures the tape measure in place as you go about measuring the size or distance of another thing.


things you didn't know


Tape Measure Hooked on to a Screw


The default or permanent stapler setting yields a staple with both legs folded inwards. But you can switch to the temporary setting by rotating the stapling plate using the button underneath the stapler. This would result in a staple with legs bending outwards. As such, the staple is easier to remove as it is only temporarily secured.


Stapling Plate of a Red Stapler Indicated by a Yellow Circle


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a more effective way to peel off a sticky note. Instead of pulling it from bottom to top…


Incorrect Way of Peeling a Sticky Note Things You Didn't Know
White Horses


..pull it from side to side.


Correct Way of Peeling a Sticky Note
White Horses


This would result in a flat-lying note as opposed to a curled up note.


A Sticky Note Peeled Correctly Versus a Sticky Note Peeled Incorrectly Things You Didn't Know
White Horses


We hope that you have learnt something new and please comment with some more amazing things you didn’t know!