These Seeds Grow Chocolate Sunflowers, So You Can Add A ‘Sweet’ Touch To Your Garden

Want a unique bloom to make your garden stand out? These chocolate sunflowers aren’t only as appealing as they sound but they also look lusciously captivating. Bright yellow blooms instantly come to mind when you think of sunflowers. And with their florets that represent the rays of the sun, they are often deemed as the very embodiment of happiness, positivity, and summer. But these gorgeous plants also come in many other colors. The strawberry blonde variety, for example, has petals featuring shades of burgundy around the disc florets that lightens into a yellow towards the outside.

If the yellow variety represents bright sunny day and the strawberry blonde variety represents sunset, these chocolate sunflowers represent the darkness of dusk. This Helianthus annuus hybrid features distinct blooms with a dark brown color towards the center that lightens into a burgundy towards the outside. And just like any other hybrids, the center of this flower remains dark brown.


Chocolate Sunflowers

chocolate sunflowers

This dark-colored variety is indeed in contrast to the regular bright yellow blooms that we used to know. However, this antithesis can add a dramatic vibe to your garden. Just like in art, the captivating beauty of contrast enables us to appreciate and perceive the meaning of the piece as a whole. Plus, variations can make any garden seem more alive and interesting. If you’re ready to grow these gorgeously mysterious plants to your garden then all you need to do is get the seeds.

chocolate sunflowers burgundy petals


helianthus annuus dark colored hybrid

You can buy a twin pack containing 40 seeds each (total of 80 seeds) on Amazon or a single pack containing 50 seeds on Etsy. Sunflowers are annual flowering plants that typically bloom through summer and wither at the first frost. Hence, the best time to plant the seeds is right after the danger of spring frost has passed.  Plant the seeds one inch deep into the potting soil, about 6 inches apart. The seeds usually take 7 – 14 days to germinate and the flowers often bloom after 75 – 85 days after planting.

chocolate sunflowers seeds


chocolate sunflowers brown petals

Chocolate sunflowers are also sun worshipers. So, it’s best to grow them in spots where they can get 6-8 hours of direct sun every day. Water the plants deeply once a week, more frequently if the weather is dry or hot. These summer plants can grow up to 60 inches tall and produce flowers measuring up to 6 inches in diameter. When fully-bloomed, you can cut the flowers for bouquets and floral arrangements. One happy buyer wrote:

“These sunflowers are amazing and very dramatic looking in the garden. Mine are over 5 feet tall and still growing. They’re also beautiful deep brown color. For those who had trouble with the seeds sprouting, I would suggest soaking the seeds in warm water for 8-12 hours first before planting.”

helianthus annuus brown colored hybrid

Source: Amazon | Etsy