Get A Giant Backpack So You Can Pack The Whole House When Camping

When giant backpacks first came out, they were initially intended for pranks. But for some reason, people took them seriously. And the huge backpacks are actually now a thing. Now, everyone’s asking where they can buy these oversized knapsacks. So they too can lug around all their essentials in one bag, in one go. And if you’re also looking for this, don’t worry because we’re here to help you find it because that’s what we’re here for.

We’ve found two options for you to choose from. For all JanSport fans, we found this big backpack. This over-sized JanSport knapsack measures over 2.5 feet tall which makes it five times bigger than a regular JanSport backpack. The main compartment offers an overly ample space where you can pack all your belongings that you’ll need for your trip. Additionally, the smaller compartment is just about the size of a normal backpack. So, you’ll surely never going to run out of storage room for you travel essentials. It comes in green and red color options.


JanSport Giant Backpack

massive jansport backpacks

Many people have been sporting the JanSport backpack. And while its ridiculously massive size makes it look like a gag item, it really proves useful in packing your entire wardrobe and other essential stuff. So, you can carry as many items as you want on your trip without having to choose which items to bring or leave behind. It is roomy enough to fit pillows, comforters, books and other personal items. The smaller compartment also has a generous space to hold your electronic gadgets.

jansport giant backpack green


massive jansport knapsack green


jansport giant backpack red


massive jansport knapsack red



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 If you’re looking for a more elegant design, this huge backpack sold by Hammacher Schlemmer might be your thing. This enormous yet stylish knapsack has a gold sheen finish that is a guaranteed head-turner. It also measures 2.5 feet tall with an ample main compartment which is larger than a standard mini-fridge.

gold giant backpack
Hammacher Schlemmer



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Source: 1st Dibs | Hammacher Schlemmer