Do-It-Yourself Hacks to Solve Common Household Problems

Home maintenance entails laborious tasks that are both exhausting and infuriating. But household chores don’t need to be painstakingly complex. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we are able to get clever ideas and solutions from altruistic people who are very much willing to share some useful household hacks that can make your job a lot easier.

We’ve round up the best household hacks that can solve any household struggles.


15.   Wrap both tips of a tong with a microfiber cloth and use rubber bands to hold the cloth in its place. Pour a small amount of household cleaner on the cloth and use the tong to wipe hard-to-clean horizontal blinds.

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14.   Slipping and sliding mats can be annoying. Place the mat in its place by putting a few lines of hot glue underneath it. Press the mat against the floor to make sure it sticks in place.


13.    If two bowls can’t fit inside a microwave at once, place one bowl on top of a sturdy mug.


12.    Avoid tripping over unruly watering hose by using a large bucket where you can neatly store it. You can also easily move the hose anywhere without worries.

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11.   If your cupboards or drawers make loud noises when you close them, put hot glue or tape to serve as a bumper to cushion the impact.


10.    You can easily remove rust buildup on your kitchen knives and other silverware by soaking them in lemon juice and wiping them with a clean sponge.

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9.    A paint tray with a handle can come in handy if you’re painting a wall while you’re up in a ladder. Try this easy do-it-yourself trick that can turn an empty jug into a convenient paint tray.

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8.   You can have a shower while cleaning your bathtub at the same time. Soak a scrub wand into a mixture of white vinegar and liquid soap. Wipe the tiles of the tub with the scrub wand while you shower.

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7.     Hanging a photo on a wall by yourself can be tiresome. Here’s a simple trick. Put a small amount of toothpaste on the upper corners of the frame and gently press it into the wall where you want it to hang. The toothpaste should leave a mark on the wall. Now you know where to drive the nail.

Somewhat Simple

6.    Make sure to clean your dishwater to avoid nasty buildup. Do this by placing a container filled with white vinegar on the top shelf. After running a normal cycle, remove the container and sprinkle a handful of baking soda along the bottom of the dishwasher before running another cycle.

One Good Thing By Jillee

5.   Removing pet hairs in carpets is now made easier with the use of a rubber squeegee.

Thrifty and Chic

4.    Prevent plastic bags from falling into the garbage can by placing adhesive hooks that will hold the plastic bag in place.


3.   Can’t open a difficult lid? A strip of duct tape can solve your problem.


2.    Keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh by pouring your favorite cleaner into the toilet brush holder.

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  1.      Keep the brown sugar in its best form by placing a marshmallow inside the bag, make sure the bag is tightly sealed. This simple hack will prevent brown sugar from hardening.
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