The ‘GoBoat’ Is A Motorized Float That Allows You To Play Bumper Cars On Water

Summer fun isn’t over yet. We’re still halfway through summer so we’ll keep the good times rolling. And we’re going to end the sunny season with a bang. We’ve previously featured a lot of summer must-haves and beach essentials to help you fulfill the perfect summer experience. There’s the wide range of pool floats to choose from, floating wine glasses, beach loungers, pre-mixed cocktails, and many more. Just when you thought you’ve seen the coolest beach accessories of the year, then here comes the GoBoat. This motorized pool float is basically a bumper car in water. Yes, you heard it right. We can now play an exciting game of bumper floats at the beach, pool, or lake.

goboat bumper floats

Although the product description says ‘motorized’, it’s important to point out that these bumper floats do not come with a trolling motor and a battery. And that means you’ll have to buy both the trolling motor and the battery separately. Once you’ve installed the motor, you can use it to navigate hard-to-reach or shallow areas for fishing, duck-hunting, or simply sight-seeing. Moreover, the GoBoat is has a circular inflatable tube made of durable material that can withstand impacts and jolts, making it ideal to use as a bumper boat.

goboat bumper cars in water

goboat bumper floats white


goboat bumper floats yellow


goboat bumper floats pink


goboat bumper floats in water

If you’re ready to have a bumpy, fun-filled summer then you need to get one of these bumper floats now. You can get them on the GoBoat website and choose from three different colors – white, yellow, and pink. If you’re not a fan of motorized pool floats then you can also check out the GoBoat Tubes.

The good thing about these bumper floats is that they are lightweight; each boat only weighs 47 lbs. So, you can conveniently take them anywhere in your car. Despite its complex appearance, the GoBoat is easy to assemble and you can set it up in minutes. Watch this video tutorial to teach you how to assemble your bumper boat.