Cheap Wine Glasses That Float in Water and Stick up in the Sand

Since summer is fast approaching, you’ll probably be thinking about going to the beach. Of course, that is a no-brainer. Beach parties aren’t complete without (you know it) – booze. It goes without saying that wine and glasses are must-haves when you hit the beach. Moreover, it would be nice to just sit on the sand while sipping a glass of wine, watching the sunset. But there’s just one problem with this scenario. There is never anywhere for you to put your glass down so you end up holding it the entire time. Well, problem solved! These beach wine glasses are made entirely for this moment. When things get real crazy perhaps switching over to the upside down wine glass?

Wine Glasses at the Beach

beach wine glasses


different color wine glasses


purple wine glass in the grass


the beach glass

So, what makes these beach wine glasses unique? Unlike the traditional wine glasses with round, flat bottoms, these floating wine glasses have dull pointed stakes built into them. So you can simply stick into the sand. The stem is accented with a bulb that firmly keep in place so you don’t have to worry about spilling.

girl holding green wine glass


clear wine glass


pink wine glass


wine glass with built in stakes


girl holding glass

Floating Wine Glasses

drinking in the pool


floating wine glasses




multiple floating glasses

Surprisingly, these beach-ready wine glasses also float when put in water. This allows you to bring your booze with you to the sea or swimming pools. You can leave it floating when you’re not drinking and pick it up again when you need a sip. What’s more? It is available in a variety of different colors. Each can adequately contain 12 ounce of liquor. Take your booze to the sand or to the water without any worries. What are you waiting for? Get your beach wine glass today!