Rare Golden Possum Rescued By Australian Veterinary Clinic Looks Like Pikachu

Whether you admit it or not, you probably asked your parents to get you a Pikachu as a birthday present when you were a kid. And you probably felt heartbroken when you realized that the adorable Pokemon is just a fictional character and it isn’t real. Well, this rare golden possum is undeniably the closest thing to Pikachu so now owning a real-life Pikachu isn’t just a pipe dream. That is, if you get the chance to catch one because this variety of possum is very rare. So, the chance of finding one is very slim.

Back in November 2018, Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital in Australia introduced its newest resident. It was an unusual-looking possum with yellow smooth fur instead of the usual greyish black scratchy fur. People immediately noticed the striking resemblance between the possum and Pikachu. Both rodent-like creatures have yellow fur, long upright ears and dark button eyes. The possum’s similarity to the Pokemon character made it an instant internet celebrity.


This rare golden possum looks just like Pikachu

Dr. Stephen Reinisch from Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Hospital revealed how the popular possum came to the clinic. The yellow-colored female possum was found on the ground supposedly after falling off her mother’s back. She was 5-months old when she was brought into the clinic to be taken care of.

“She was a bit shy at first, as expected, given the strange situation she had found herself in, but was otherwise in good spirits and health.”, Dr. Stephen Reinisch said.


The clinic will take care of the cute possum before she goes to carers. At this time, she is still too young to go back to the wild. So she needs to live with the carers until she’s ready. On the clinic’s viral post, they explain that the yellow marsupial is a rare variety of the common brushtail possum. Their golden fur is caused by a mutation which causes a low level of melanin, a pigment that gives them their normal color.


As it turns out, Pikachu (as the internet chose to call her) isn’t the only one of her kind. The truth is, common brushtail possums are widespread in Australia. Although the golden variety is very rare, they actually exist in the state. Here are some other possums that are as adorable as Pikachu. So, get ready with your Pokeball.





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Source: Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital