These Giant Floating Cushions Provide The Absolute Perfect Napping Spot

Summer vacation is all about taking a break from the hectic life of school and work. If you want to spend it by taking long hours of nap, so be it. Besides, pools are not for swimming or other physical activities only. They can also serve as a relaxing spot where you can enjoy that much-needed nap. But there’s one problem. Most pool floats do not qualify as the perfect floating bed. There are plenty of large loungers but they’re mostly made of vinyl material. And we’re looking for a lounger that actually feels like a comfy bed. We’ve found some bean bag floats that may meet the criteria but they are too small to serve as beds. No need to worry, though, because we’ve found a gigantic cushion pool float that is as large and as comfy as a soft bed.

king kai lounger gigantic bean bag pool float

The King Kai Floating Lounger provides 73 inches by 58 inches of napping space. You can lazily lie down and take a nap on the pool without getting soaked. This gigantic bean bag pool float is made of fade-proof marine fabric that is soft to the touch. It weighs 22 lbs but despite its hefty weight, this lounger will stay afloat. What’s more, it can support up to 400 lbs of weight so you and your partner can snuggle as you float. You can use it in the pool, at the beach, by the ocean, lake, river, or any spot where you can find relaxation.

gigantic bean bag pool float pacific blue

You can buy this gigantic cushion pool float today and choose from three different colors – aquamarine, pacific blue, and logo red. Take note that this lounger is not an inflatable design. It contains small buoyant beads within the fabric that provide buoyancy in the water, hence keeping it afloat. When it’s time to pack up, simply grab it by the corner handle and allow the water to drain from the mesh back panel.

gigantic bean bag pool float aquamarine


king kai lounger marine fabric floater

Get your giant cushion float today.