There’s A Pedal Powered Forklift For Kids And It Actually Picks Stuff Up

Kids are often amazed by seeing a forklift in action. You might even hear them say “I want to drive a forklift.” Now we can make their dreams come true by letting them drive this kids pedal powered forklift. Admit it, even you have dreamt of driving a forklift at some point in your life. But of course, you’ll need a license before you could actually operate one. Well, this kids forklift is definitely the closest thing. What’s more, it won’t require a license to drive!

Specifically designed for kids, this forklift can be move around by pedaling. Furthermore, it features a functioning forklift to allow your kids to haul stuff around. They can pick things up, move them around and set them down anywhere they want. It’s like they’re driving the real thing. It is modeled after the Linde Lime Tree Series 394 forklift to give your kids a realistic experience. The toy comes with a mini wooden palette to make the hauling operation easier. Your kids can place stuff on top of the palette, insert the forks into the palette holes, and lift it up to move it around.

kids pedal powered forklift mini truck

The forklift can move forward or backwards. Rotate the lifter to move the forks up then rotate it in the opposite direction to wind the forks back down. It is equipped with a functioning steering wheel along with a working horn. And there’s also a mechanism that allows the operator to tilt the forks back and forth so they can pick up and drop the content with breeze.

kids pedal powered forklift


Who Can Use The Kids Pedal Powered Forklift?

Additionally, this forklift has an adjustable seat that can comfortably accommodate kids aged 3 and up. It comes in a stylish red and black color with removable operator cab, adjustable stroke stand, Ackerman steering and trailer couplings in the front and back. Assembly is quite easy and all tools come in the package. When fully assembled, it measures 51 inches tall, 41.3 inches long and 22 inches wide, weighing just under 50 pounds.

mini linde truck functioning forks


mini linde truck

Get the kids forklift here and let your kids help you pick stuff up while they enjoy playtime. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Very sturdy product. Put it together with no problem. They even give you a tool to do so. My child loves it. I would buy again. We love this!”