This Unicorn Taco Holder Will Make Mealtimes More Magical

Don’t you just love Taco Tuesdays? But while the promise of delicious tacos may make your mouth water, I think we can all agree that simply presenting tacos on a plate diminishes the appetizing appeal of the bite. This is especially true when you’ve got kids: presentation is everything! So if you have a picky eater who also happens to adore unicorns, then you’ll need the unicorn taco holder! Yes, that’s right, there’s now a magical taco holder that will make your Taco Tuesdays and parties even more fun!

Who could possibly not want a baby pink unicorn with tacos on its back? It’s definitely going to make a great accessory if you’re looking to create a whimsical table setting. Lovers of the mythical creature, no matter their age, will adore it! And it’s not just for tacos. You can use the unicorn-shaped food holder for literally any food item you want! It’ll make a perfect showcase for fruits, waffles, toast or even sandwiches!

baby pink unicorn taco holder


Make your Taco Tuesdays extra magical with this unicorn taco holder

The taco holder is sold by Amazon store Hikfly. According to the shop, there will be some assembly involved, as the taco holder will come in three separate parts. Once you’ve put together the unicorn’s head, tail and legs, you’re all set! The completed food display will stand a little over 3 inches tall, so it won’t tower over everything else on your spread. But it’s certainly going to draw a lot of attention anyway!

each unicorn taco holder can carry 2 tacos


unicorn food holder

According to the store, the whimsical item is made from BPA-free plastic. This way, you won’t have to worry about your little one gnawing on this cute food display piece. In addition to this, Hikfly also promises to provide any support you may need for 3 years after you purchase their mythical creature-inspired taco stand. So don’t wait! Order your taco-carrying unicorns here now before you miss the chance!
Source: Amazon