The Barnes & Noble Café Has A New Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie

Sure, you can get your hands on Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal practically everywhere, all year round. Nevertheless, fall is the perfect excuse to indulge in it excessively. Well, if you couldn’t agree more, then you’ll be happy to know that you can now get a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie from the Barnes & Noble Café. Great books, good coffee and yummy cookies all in one place? Sign us up!

Apparently, General Mills has collaborated with Sweet Treats for this new cookie concoction. The cookies are exclusively available at the Barnes & Noble Café which also happens to serve all your favorite Starbucks drinks. At $2.85, you’ll get an oversized cookie that’s loaded with marshmallows, milk and dark chocolate chunks and actual cereal chips.




Barnes & Noble Café has a new Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie that’s loaded with marshmallows, milk and dark chocolate chunks, as well as actual cereal chips



According to Instagram user @snacksfromaround, the cookie reminded her of “a chocolate chip raisin cookie or oats and chocolate chip.” In addition, she noted that, “the corners are a lil crunchy but the center is soft.”


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Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie. Thanks to a PA follower for giving me the heads up about this! The @barnesandnoble cafe has these, its kind of Starbucks and their stuff mixed together but I believe this is just at these stores but I’m not sure. Anyway had to go get a couple to try, it’s a pretty big cookie, it remind me of a chocolate chip raisin cookie or oats and chocolate chip. The corners are a lil crunchy but the center is soft. It has a little cinnamon flavor with Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top and very few of them. Is it a good cookie? Yes is it’s amazing and new and special? NO and I wouldn’t really call this a Cinnamon Toast Crunch either but it was fun to try it. . . . Tag a friend Turn notifications on . . . . . #cinnamonrolls #cinnamontoastcrunch #cereal #cookies #starbucks #coffee #cookie #snacks #junkfood #foodie #foods #foodpic #instafood #cheatday #cheatmeal #ctc #foodphotography #picoftheday #iifym #flexibledieting #forkyeah #foodbeast #delish #chocolate #chocolatechipcookies #oatmealcookies #oats #cinnamon #likeforlikes #foodforthought

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Similarly, in their post, @dncsnacksterz commended the cookie’s “warm, gooey, and delicious” center. They also pointed out that the “cinnamon and mallow goodness” helped level up the cookie’s chocolate chip essence.


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** #New Discovery REVIEWED ** Happy Labor Day Fellow Americans and Happy Monday / Tuesday to our International Friends !! Today there is no real agenda for us just have the day to do whatever we want. Started off with a lazy morning, then to Thai food for lunch and luckily there was a Barnes and Nobles next door !! ? The @barnesandnoble Café is selling this amazing new cookie by Sweet Street called the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie !! Thought we'd never get our hands on this cookie and so excited we actually did! ? Yes, it has the infamous Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal pieces in and on top. It's an oversized cookie said to have dark & milk chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, and marshmallows! ? The cafe staffer recommended heating it and we are so happy we did. There was a bit of crunch from the cereal and the center was warm, gooey and delicious. It has an essence of a chocolate chip cookie but leveled up with the cinnamon and mallow goodness! It's been a while since C's been in LOVE with a snack and this one was a jaw dropper for her! ? ? We both thoroughly enjoyed and if you have a moment to find a #bncafe we highly recommend trying this one!!! *? *? Tag a friend to share in the experience, follow us @dncsnacksterz for more exciting content, like and comment to join us on the snacking journey!???????????

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Judging by these reviews, something’s telling us that these cookies would definitely go well with a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Well, it seems like we’ve found our new favorite afternoon snack combo for the entire season. And since the cookies literally have cereal pieces in them, it only makes sense to have them for breakfast as well!





The only thing that we’re unsure of is whether these cookies will be here for good. Nevertheless, we still got our hopes high that they’d be available all year round just like the actual cereal. But still, this uncertainty should be enough of a reason to try them as soon as possible! And while you’re at it, you may also want to get your hands on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust and creamer to fill your day with nothing but cinnamony goodness!