This 3D Farm Play Rug Will Have Kids Playing All Day

Stimulate your kid’s imagination and help them reconnect with the beauty of natural life with this 3D farm play rug. As a kid, you probably remember those activity rugs with printed images of city roads that you’d drive your toy cars over. And you probably know by now that these kids’ rugs already have an upgraded version. The flat playmats we used to love as kids now feature 3D elements with raised and lowered sections to give it a more realistic appearance and feel. And while the city streets design allows your toddler to whizz cars on a bustling cityscape, we’ve found another design that will give you and your kid a break from the buzzing city life.

This farm play rug is inspired by the scenic and tranquil rural life. Instead of interlocking streets and traffic, this nature-inspired design is characterized by farming, raising livestock, trees, streams and farmhouses. The realistic depiction of a peaceful countryside offers the opportunity to help you and your kids reconnect with nature. It is also a fun way to let your kids understand how closer contact with nature helps to achieve a healthier life.


3D Farm Play Rug

3d farm play rug

This 3D farm rug comes in a vibrant green color that reminds you of fresh grass and clean air. To complete the rural life setting, give your toddlers some toy figures preferably in the form of farmers, cowboys, animals, farmhouses, wooden fences and trees. Instead of sports cars, taxis and buses, give them tractors, trucks and wagons to complete the classic countryside setup. Let yours kids raise different types of farm animals and play the role of an industrious farmer. You can also play with your kids and grow your farm together if you ever need to unwind from the stressful city life.

activity playmat farm-inspired


3d farm play rug kids


thick soft playmat for kids


3d farm play rug playmat


3d farm play rug toys

This handmade play rug is made of hypoallergenic fabric and non-toxic dyes to ensure your kid’s safety. You can easily clean the stain-resistant fabric with a baby wipe in case of minor spills. It is available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large. The small size measures 40-inches x 40-inches, medium size measures 40-inches x 60-inches, large size measures 51-inches x 71-inches. Finally, the extra-large measures 63-inches x 91-inches.

3d farm play rug nature-inspired


farm-inspired playmat for kids


farm-inspired playmat raised detailing


3d farm play rug top view

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activity playmat farming setup

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