ICEE Has Released A New Mermaid Mystery Flavor Where You Will Have To Try And Guess What It Is

Now that it’s officially mermaid season, we’re seeing a lot of refreshing new treats washing up on shelves. And among them is the latest popsicle variety pack from ICEE. We’re especially excited about this new popsicle pack because it features the elusive Mystery Mermaid Flavor. It’s been more than a year since the last time we got to see and sip this mythical flavor. Mystery flavors and mermaid themes remains to be a great product concept for the summer. So it absolutely makes sense for the Mystery Mermaid Flavor to be back for a splash this season.

The mysterious Mermaid flavor initially surfaced as an offering at an amusement park in Indiana. It then went on to appear as an exclusive drink at Target cafés in 2019. The flavor had everyone wondering “What would a mermaid taste like?” – and the mystery continues again this year. In its slushie form, the bright blue drink came topped with pastel colored sprinkles that delighted mermaid-loving, slushie sippers everywhere. But now, you can enjoy this mer-mazing treat without the fuss thanks to its revamped popsicle form.


Dive into a world of cool mystery with every sip of the Mystery Mermaid ICEE Popsicle

Each summer-exclusive variety pack contains 32 popsicles divided equally by 4 flavors, which are Cherry, Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry and the Mystery Mermaid Flavor. So that means you’ll have 8 popsicles of each flavor in every pack. That should be enough to help you determine which among the variants will be your summer 2020 flavor. Since its re-release, many Instagram snack sleuths have managed to snap it up from Sam’s Club. There are several assumptions as to what the mystery flavor really is.


The ICEE Mermaid flavor was an exclusive drink at an amusement park and at Target


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According to @junkfoodmom, she got “a sour Blue Raspberry taste” that “ends with a cotton candy flavor”, so her guess was that mystery flavor is somewhere along the lines of Sour Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. On the other hand, @junkfoodonthego wrote that the Mystery Mermaid Flavor tasted like watermelon for them. Others speculate that the bright blue popsicle is cotton candy.

All our assumptions will remain guesswork until the brand confirms the Mystery Mermaid Flavor’s real identity. So we recommend that you head to Sam’s Club and get yourself a pack while supplies last! Sam’s Club currently sells this 32-count variety pack for $9.28, which makes the popsicles worth $0.98 apiece. You’d better get yourself a pack or two before this summer exclusive dives out of reach. Have you tried the Mystery Mermaid Flavor already? If so, then what flavor do you think it is? If you wanna taste for yourself what all the fuss is about then order it from Sam’s Club now!

Source: Sam’s Club