8 Useful Tips To Help You Control Your Anger

News flash! Anger is not actually a 'bad' emotion. We all get angry sometimes. It's a perfectly natural human emotion and if we never expressed it, then it's likely that we'd implode! Yet for many of us, anger can manifest into something ugly, let out at the wrong time, in the wrong way, and occasionally to the wrong person! Knowing how to control your anger is important if you want normal, functioning relationships and a happy life. The 'NHS' (National Health Service, in England) came up with these 8 useful tips for keeping your anger in check! Take a look!
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Get creative!


If you like to write, then allocate some time for it. Or why not try dancing, singing, drawing? All these creative activities will help your brain to relax and prevent anger in the long run!



Talk about your feelings.


It may sound wishy-washy, but sharing your problems with a trusted confidante (one who won't make you angry that is) can help minimize or even solve them. You get a different perspective and remember, a problem shared, is a problem halved!



Look after yourself, don't make it worse!


Although some people see alcohol and/or drugs as 'de-stressers', they actually make your anger worse, especially when abused. Avoid them!



Know your physical warning signs.


When you get angry there are certain physical signs that indicate that it's happening, such as faster breathing, fist clenching and tension in your shoulders. Become aware of these. With time, you will learn to recognize them earlier, and therefore start calming yourself down before the anger gets out of control!





Regular exercise helps keep any tension, that can easily turn into misplaced anger, at bay.



Count to ten.


Tried and tested, this method actually does work. Have a go yourself!



Breathe slowly!


When you feel anger coming on, concentrate on your breath, slowing it down as much as possible. This automatically relaxes the body, therefore helping your mind.


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