Hershey’s Has A New Chocolate Bar And It’s Filled With Salted Caramel Cookie Pieces

The sweet and salty combination of salted caramel has been a very popular flavor over the past few years. Indeed, the appetizing blend of two different flavors doubles the taste sensation, making the creamy confectionery a perfect match for ice cream, coffee, apples, pretzels and more. Hershey’s has decided to mix this sweet-and-salty flavor with its baking chips and popcorn. So, it’s kinda surprising that the chocolate company hasn’t already thought of blending it with its classic milk chocolate bar. Well, not until now.

The brand has released its new candy bar with salted caramel cookie pieces. It features the brand’s original milk chocolate bar mixed with pieces of salted caramel cookies. So, you’ll get smooth chocolate and crunchy caramel cookies in every bite. The deep caramel taste with a touch of salt paired with the rich chocolatey flavor will surely have your taste buds begging for more.


Hershey’s Milk Chocolate With Salted Caramel Cookies

hershey's milk chocolate with salted caramel cookies

The new chocolate bar with salted caramel cookies is hitting Walmart stores. It is also currently listed on the Walmart website. These goodies come individually wrapped in a king size 2.5-oz pack and in an 18-count carton. And since there is no ‘limited-edition’ included on the label, we’re also assuming that this is a permanent offering and it will hopefully roll out to other stores soon. You can enjoy these delicious bars on their own or use them as ingredients when making cookies or brownies. So, there are so many different ways to eat this amazing new flavor.

hershey's chocolate with salted caramel cookies


hershey's chocolate with salted caramel cookie pieces





So, what do you think of the new candy bar? Are you excited to try it?  Maybe you have already tasted it and love it? Either way let us know in the comments.