New Cat And Bat Shaped Circus Animal Cookies Are Out For Halloween

Given the situation, it seems that we’ll be having an unusual Halloween this 2020. But that’s not stopping Mother’s from releasing an especially spooky batch of Animal Cookies! It may come as a surprise to some, but Mother’s Halloween-themed Circus Animal Cookies have been making a regular appearance for nearly a decade now. However, the only difference between the Halloween cookies and the regular cookies was the different frosting colors. This time, Mother’s has gone all out in transforming these tasty treats for your Halloween treat-loving sweet tooth!

Since black cats and bats are famously associated with Halloween, it was only fitting for Mother’s to transform their Animal Cookies into these iconic creatures. The cat- and bat-shaped cookies are coated with white and orange frosting and topped with circular rainbow sprinkles. Kids and kids-at-heart will definitely love Mother’s season-exclusive offering!

Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies have taken a spooky form this Halloween season

We got our first look at the spooky cookie treats thanks to The Impulsive Buy. They featured the cookies in the ‘Spotted’ list on August 5th. And according to their post, they spotted the Halloween edition of the cookies on Dollar General’s shelves. Unfortunately they didn’t go into detail about the cookies. So we suppose you’ll just have to grab a bag yourself to find out the secrets it hides! The seasonal cookie offering is also available for purchase on Dollar General’s website, if you’re not really into shopping in-store yet.

The Animal Cookies are available in 11-ounce, resealable bags. We’re sure that a single 11-ounce bag contains plenty of spooky treats but if one bag won’t cut it, you can also check out BevMo! because they reportedly have a 30-pouch bag option available. The availability of the Halloween-themed cookies in a liquor purveyor is surprising, for sure. But we’ll take them where we can. Munching on sweet cat-and bat-shaped cookies seems like a good way to spend our quarantine Halloween, doesn’t it?

Source: DollarGeneral