This Mom Has A Cardboard Cut-Out Of Herself To Stop Son Crying When She Leaves The Room

A mum has thought of a genius way to stop her child crying when she leaves the room. She has created a cardboard cut-out of herself which tricks her son into thinking that she is still there.

This may seem strange but it works! If you have kids you will know how you will try anything for a little peace and quiet. So, mum Fuki Sato decided to try something new and outside the box. Other parents on social media were amazed after her husband shared two photographs on Twitter.

Child and Cardboard Cut-Out


Cardboard Mum

In the two photos their young son was playing. In one photo he was in a playpen with the cut-out stood in the kitchen and in the other the cut-out was sat down as if the mum was playing with her son.

You will notice that the cardboard replicas are out of the small child’s reach. This way the ruse will not be exposed. It would be both confusing and scary if he went to reach out to his mum and she was cardboard!

It is important to say that his father has pointed out that he was never actually left completely alone. He is never far away from his parents and the child’s mum was checking on him around every 20 minutes.

Cardboard Cut-out

Of course the child didn’t know he was being checked on as seeing two versions of his mother would be baffling!

A video was filmed showing the plan working without a hitch. You can see that the child looks like he is enjoying himself while playing with his toys. He looks very content thinking that his mum is not far away. It’s genius! So, now his parents can do jobs such as housework or any other tasks that need to be done around the home


Where Did The Cardboard Cut-Out Idea Come From?

The boy’s dad wrote a caption under the video “It’s hard because my one-year-old child cries as soon as mum disappears. As a countermeasure, I experimented with what would happen if I set up a ‘life-sized panel mother’.”

Child Playing

Seems like their plan is working. It is a very unusual and clever way to solve this parenting problem. Any parents who are reading this with young children, are you thinking of giving this a try?



Source: Twitter