30 People Posted Funny Photos Of Their Newfoundlands And It’s Crazy How Big They Are

Dogs, no matter their size or color, make the best companions. Newfoundlands, for one, are highly regarded not just for their massive size but also for their gentle and loving characteristics. Ranked as the fifth biggest largest dog breed in the world, they tower over almost everyone, from fellow canines to people, in just a matter of months. These dogs got their name from the Canadian islet of – wait for it – Newfoundland. Their crazy size, coupled their capability of withstanding freezing temperatures and innate strength made them ideal companions for those who needed help in strenuous tasks like pulling fishing nets and hauling wood. They can even save someone from drowning!

Aside from their strength and skills, Newfoundlands are admired for list of other reasons. For one, their kind nature adds to their charm. In fact, their sweet, gentle, and protective demeanor when around children have earned them the nickname “nanny dog”. They’ve got a lot to give, that’s for sure! And these people have made extra room to welcome these gentle, fluffy giants into their lives. Check them out below:


“Got Sebastian a safety vest because people need to know he is #notabear”

Sebastian the newfoundland with an orange vest


“Just a Newfoundland taking his pony for a walk”

just a newfoundland taking his pony for a walk


“This is a Newfoundland dog. Not a bear.”

this is a newfoundland dog not a bear


“Thought a bear broke in. Nope, just a Newfie.”

thought a bear broke in


“I love it when my Newfie meets a smaller dog”

newfoundland meets a small dog


“150 pounds later and he’s still a lap dog”

150 pound lapdog


Newfoundlands make perfect companions

If you look back in history, you’ll find Newfoundlands there quite a lot. One of the most notable Newfoundlands goes by the name “Seaman”.  The Newfoundland accompanied Lewis and Clark in their 8,000-mile trek across America in 1802. Among Seaman’s accomplishments during his time with the explorers was saving them from a rogue buffalo.

Senator Robert Kennedy also kept a Newfoundland, who he named Brumus. The late senator was known to be fond of animals, with Brumus being his favorite. In fact, Brumus often accompanied him in his office when he served as Attorney General during his brother’s administration. Newfies remain to be used as lifeguards and rescue dogs because of their strength and swimming skills. It is important to note that these enormously talented floofs live somewhere between 8 – 10 years.


“When the lap is too small for you but you don’t mind because you are a god boy.”

Newfoundland puppy lays on a boy's lap


“16 months apart”

16 months apart


“Honey at 14 weeks having a hug with one of her hoomans, Cameron… don’t think he will be able to pick her up for much longer!”

14 month old honey


“Happy Thanksgiving.”

newfoundland sits next to mom and little boy on thanksgiving


Caring for them is a great responsibility

Sadly, these gentle giants’ owners often up giving them up for adoption. One of the main reasons behind this is that the original owners find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared for the responsibility of keeping a Newfoundland. For starters, these dogs require more dog food than their other canine counterparts. They can gain up to 100 pounds in the first year of life alone, after all! And if you think running and playing with your Husky is hard work, try playing with a Newfoundland. Their enormous lung capacity and energy will most likely wear you out before they even begin to feel the least bit tired!


“Me and my bestie”

me and my bestie


“Tryna live the lap dog life! Dad may be smiling but on the inside he’s saying ‘Please help me, my ribs are getting crushed’.”

man smiles despite struggling under the weight of his newfoundland


“Look behind yooooou….”



“That’s a Queen-sized bed. and 175lb Newf.”

a newfoundland lays on a queensize bed


“It’s Dalishush.”

its dalishush


Grooming them is serious business

Furthermore, keeping them neat is another important aspect owners must pay close attention to. Their exceptionally thick and waterproof coats need to be brushed regularly. They tend to shed pretty heavily so this is a must. And since they have really, really thick fur, Newfoundlands are more amiable to keep in places with naturally cold climates.

Owners who live in warmer areas must specially keep their Newfie where there’s air conditioning or ample water, especially when it’s really hot, to keep them from suffering heat stroke. To prevent their feet from splaying under their immense weight, owners must regularly have their Newfie’s nails trimmed. Those planning to welcome a Newfound into their home must also prepare their home for lots (and we mean A LOT) of drool coupled with their astoundingly adorable antics.


“It’s a bear! It’s a mammoth! No it’s a giant dog!”

its a giant dog


“I heard it’s tongue out Tuesday.”

I heard it is tongues out tuesday


“Buford and Wallace, 11 weeks old”

buford and wallace 11 months


“A bit too big for the lap.”

a bit too big for the lap


“Just laying with my Newfie.”


laying down with my newfie


They may seem intimidating but they’re the biggest sweethearts you’ll ever know


“If there’s snow, the Newfie will sit.”

if there is snow a newfoundland will sit


“My parent’s Newfie pup made it pretty clear that she’s a big girl already and doesn’t like to be lifted up”

newfie doesn't want to be carried


“My Newfie used to fall asleep with his head in the toilet”

newfie puppy falls asleep with head in the toilet


“Straight Not Giving a F*** 2: Revenge of the Newfie”

newfoundland forces owner to shovel snow around him


“This is beyond a head tilt!”

newfoundland head tilt


It’s pretty clear to see why many make extra rooms in their homes and hearts for these gentle giants. They’re bigger than an average person. It’s actually a running joke among owners that they’re actually caring for a bear, not a dog, given their super thick fur coats. Have you ever seen a Newfie in person or do you count one as a part of your family? Tell us about it in the comments!


“Ollie likes to come to tennis practice and help out!”

ollies likes to help out at the tennis court


“My boyfriend’s Newfoundland waiting to go to the beach.”

newfoundland squeezes in the car


“Just shaved my Newfoundland. Look at his new hairstyle. What a dude.”

newfoundland with newly shaved hairstyle


“Just a peek.”

newfoundland peeks at the fridge contents


“Ready for roadtrip.”

ready for roadtrip