40 Genius Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

Are you a parent? If so, then we’re pretty sure you’ve been looking for parenting hacks, tricks, and tips. Of course, who doesn’t need a little help in raising kids? Good for you, then, since we’re presenting here a list of simple but proven to be effective parenting tricks that can make life so much easier for you.

Just to give you a heads up, these tips and tricks are worth diamonds. Do you want to find out the perfect place to hide sweets from your kids? Or, do you want to know the best way to keep your children from fighting? Also, do you want to trick them into taking their medicine or to eating veggies? Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, you can find a solution here!

1. Using Cardboard To Keep Kids From Fighting In The Car

2. No, It’s Not Really Medicine; It’s Pepsi

3. Level 80 Metal Dad

4. Letting Your Toddler Paint The Fence With Water To Keep Him Busy

5. A Fitted Sheet To Help Keep The Sand Out When At The Beach

6. An Old Cot Recycled And Turned Into Your Kids’ Work Spot

7. Hiding Candies In A Bag Of For Frozen Beans: The Best Of Mom’s Tricks

secret to hiding candies parenting hacks tricks tips

8. Putting A Glove Filled With Beans On Your Baby’s Back To Make Them Feel Loved Whenever You’re Too Tired

9. Head Protector For Your Baby

baby head protector parenting hacks tricks tips


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10. Letting An Empty Box Take Care Of Your Kid And His Creativity

11. Coloring Your Kids’ Routine And Teaching Time Management

kids schedule parenting hacks tricks tips

12. Placing Stickers On Their Shoes, So They’ll Know What’s Left From Right

13. One Of Mommy’s Tips: Turning Chores Into Fun Games

cleaning chore parenting hacks tricks tips

14. Making A Table Hammock With Bedsheet

15. A Coffee Cup Lid As A Drip Catcher

drip catcher parenting hacks tricks tips

16. Tangled Doll Hair? Use A Dish Soap With Hair Conditioner

17. A Butcher’s Paper For An Unlimited “White Board”

18. Gaming Controllers That Aren’t Actually Hooked Up: One Of Dad’s Greatest Hacks

19. Toilet Paper Rolls For A Unique Toy Car Garage

20. A Daddy Prop To Keep The Baby Still During A Photoshoot

baby stable photoshoot with dad parenting hacks tricks tips

21. Helping Your Kids Battle Scary Night Monsters

22. Right From Kindergarten, Print Your Kid’s Graduation Year On A Huge Shirt; Then Take A Photo Of The Child Each Year With The Same Shirt On While Watching Them Grow Up

graduation year printing on shirt parenting hacks tricks tips

23. Covering Your Baby’s Crib With A Sheet To Keep The Baby From Mosquitoes

24. A Hunting Game For Your Kid When You Can’t Find Your Glasses And Would Like To Ask For Help

25. A Slick Paint To Prevent Floor Slipping

26. Tracking When You’ve Given Kids Their Medicine Through A Chart On The Prescription Bottle

medicine schedule parenting hacks tricks tips

27. A Plastic Egg As A Temporary Storage For An Unfinished Lollipop

28. Inflating Your Kids’ Bed Fort With A Fan

fan to blow up the sheet parenting hacks tricks tips

29. Pool Noodle For Keeping Your Children From Injuries

30. An Ouchie Pack Made Of Frozen Marshmallows

31. Old DVD Box Turned Into A Unique Coloring Case

32. Colored Glow Sticks For A Jedi-Like Bathtub Experience

33. A Child-Friendly Vanity From A Builder-Grade One: Just Convert The Toekick Into A Step Drawer For Your Kid

34. Rubber Bands For Keeping The Kids From Being Locked In The Bathroom

rubber band lock prevention parenting hacks tricks tips

35. Break Down The Walls Against Stereotypes And Give A Mix Of Toy Cars And Dolls For Your Kids To Play With

36. A Temporary Tattoo On Your Kid With Your Emergency Contact Number

emergency tattoo parenting hacks tricks tips

37. A Strategy To Keep Your Baby’s Eyes Safe When In The Shower

shower cap parenting hacks tricks tips


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38. Keeping Toys Within Your Child’s Reach At The Tub During Bathtime

39. Protecting Those Little Fingers From Slammed Doors Using A Pool Noodle

pool noodle protection against door locking parenting hacks tricks tips

40. Some Animal Toothpaste Caps To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

animal toothpaste cap parenting hacks tricks tips


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