The New Snickers Ice Cream Cake Is Better Than Any Chocolate Bar

If we were to ask you to list your favorite sweet treats in the world, Snickers and ice cream would both probably make the cut. There’s no denying how much the world loves these sugar bombs. And this holiday season, our favorite chocolate bar has bestowed upon us the ultimate dessert item for our impending holiday feasts. A Snickers ice cream cake now exists and its probably the best thing that’s ever happened since the Baileys Yule Log!

Instagram food blog @snacksanta spotted the decadent dessert a few days ago at Walmart. Naturally, the blogger’s followers have been on a sugar-induced high since. And who can blame them? Everyone’s sweet tooth is getting spoiled rotten this year because we’ve been getting a ton of awesome food mashups and we are not complaining at all.


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New M&M Mini’s Ice Cream Cake spotted at Walmart! Swipe for the new Snickers Ice Cream Cake. I’ll take both! ????

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The Snickers ice cream cake will definitely give you a blissful sugar rush this Christmas

snickers bar


Snickers bar broken in half

Candy bars were added to the ice cream cake mix almost immediately after its rise to fame. Until now, fans of the delicious snack bar have enjoyed creative interpretations of what an ice cream cake would taste like with the cult favorite candy bar. Well, we don’t have wonder anymore because Snickers has officially given us the answer.


This candy bar-inspired ice cream cake must be what heaven tastes like

the snickers ice cream cake sold at walmart

This special dessert doesn’t need much fanfare. We can already tell just by looking at it that we can expect a delightful ending to our holiday feast. The cake comprises of rich vanilla ice cream embedded with bits of Snickers candy and ribbons of caramel. Frosting mixed with a percentage of chocolate covers the candy-loaded vanilla ice cream. And on top of the frosting, hundreds of tiny chocolate chips circumnavigates the cake’s side completely. The cake’s face is as sight to behold as well. Dollops of nougat whipped cream surround the caramel-drizzled bits of Snickers. Honestly, it really looks like the candy bar it’s inspired from!

slice of the snickers ice cream cake

According to reports, the 46-ounce cake serves up to nine people. Which means that whether it’s going to be the centerpiece of your holiday feast or the centerpiece of your Netflix binge, there will be plenty to go around. Personally, we think that it would be wise to buy more than one box. Hopefully this Snickers ice cream cake stays available for a long time and doesn’t suddenly disappear once the holiday season ends, because we’d really love to have it for our birthdays in 2020. The decadent dessert is only available in-store at Walmart at the moment.