12 Reasons Why Ron Weasley Is One Of The Best ‘Harry Potter’ Characters


If you're a 'Harry Potter' fan you probably have your favorite characters. It might be the main character himself, or possibly brainy Hermione, or even the beautiful Luna. But, what about Ron Weasley? He seems to get overlooked a bit, but Ron is definitely one of the best characters in the Harry Potter series, if not the very best. Sure, he can be silly sometimes, just like anybody, but he has all sorts of awesome attributes that we can't get enough of! These are just twelve of the reasons why Ron Weasley rocks! Take a look!


He always sticks up for his friends!


He's the only person who could get away with swearing in front of McGonagall!


He's there for his friends when they need him.


He's the perfect person to balance Hermione's intensity.


He managed to learn 'parseltongue' from Harry's sleep talking!


He doesn't like to be in the middle of things, but he steps up when he has to!



He's not afraid to say what he thinks.


He tried to sacrifice himself to save Hermione!


He was very offended when he thought McGonagall didn't trust him, even though he had just been talking about cheating!


He's so loyal that he'll do things that terrify him, just to help out his friends.


He's an inspiration for food-lovers everywhere!


He tries to treat everyone with respect, unless they prove they don't deserve it!

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