M&M’s Haunted Castle Chocolate Cookie Kit Is A Tasty Spooky Treat

There is nothing more horrifying than a haunted castle at Halloween. But, the new M&M’s Haunted Castle Chocolate Cookie Kit will bring an appetizing balance of horror and sweetness to the spooky occasion. So, save those ingredients for making gingerbread houses for Christmas because now we’ve got this cookie kit especially made for Halloween.

The M&M’s Haunted Castle Kit includes everything you need to build a delectable spooky castle. It includes 4 pre-baked chocolate cookies that make up the walls of the castle along with 4 connector clips to keep all sides standing in place. The kit also includes ready-to-use icing and color powders (orange and purple) along with piping bags to help you decorate your creation. Of course, it also comes with colorful M&M’s chocolate candy and decorative paper pieces to complete your edible masterpiece.


M&M’s Haunted Castle Chocolate Cookie Kit

m&m's haunted castle chocolate cookie kit

The new M&M’s Cookie Kit comes in a 25.9-oz purple box which contains everything you need to build the yummy castle. Full assembly instructions are printed on the back of the packaging. So, you can have fun putting the pieces together with your kids. You can copy the exterior design on the packaging or be a little more creative by using your very own design. It will take some time to build and decorate this but that’s the fun of it.

m&m's haunted castle chocolate cookie kit box


m&m's haunted castle chocolate cookie kit halloween

To prepare, knead the icing pouch for 1 minute and divide the content into two mixing bowls. Add the color powders, one in each bowl, and whisk well. Transfer the orange and purple icing into separate piping bags and start decorating the cookies. After decorating, you may now start building the castle by arranging the connector clips in a rectangle on a platter. Apply two lines of icing along the edges of the cookies and set each piece into the clips. Then insert the paper room pieces in the interior of the castle to complete your creation.