There’s An Oogie Boogie Frappuccino On The Starbucks Secret Menu

The spooky season is officially on! So, it’s time to take a break from everything nice and pumpkin spice to give way to all things wicked and creepy. And by that, we mean switching your pumpkin spice latte with yet another spooky drink from the Starbucks “secret menu.” By now, you’ve probably already tried the Jack Skellington Frappuccino and the Sally Frappuccino. But if you’re still not over the Nightmare Before Christmas craze, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s an Oogie Boogie Frappuccino as well!

Inspired by the iconic character, this is another off-menu drink courtesy of the Starbucks menu’s impressive level of customizability. Since it’s not an official offering, you may have to walk your barista through the entire process. So, we’d suggest keeping a copy of the recipe on your phone for a faster and smoother transaction. Also, be sure to order it during off-hours to avoid the influx of people looking to get their caffeine fix.

Oogie Boogie

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Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash may have been cancelled this year, but at least you can still get an Oogie Boogie Frappuccino from Starbucks

Now, on to the exciting part—the ordering process. It’s important to note that, at its core, this drink is basically a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with a twist. So, first things first, determine your preferred size. As with all Starbucks drinks, you may choose among Tall, Grande and Venti. Afterward, order a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino.


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The Oogie Boogie frap?! Woah. ? ? If you want a little more Disney magic in your life, or can’t get to the Oogie Boogie bash try this guy out! It’s actually pretty bomb! It is a secret Starbucks menu item so be sure to tell your barista how to make it. Here’s the drink recipe: White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with Frappuccino chips blended in, whipped cream in the bottom of the cup, Frappuccino chips in the bottom of the cup, and whipped cream, matcha powder, and cookie crumble topping on top. So go ahead and try it out! Give this drink a gamble ? . . . . #disney #disneyland #disneyparks #disneyfan #disneyphotography #disneylover #disneylife #disneylove #oogieboogiefrappucino #oogieboogie #nightmarebeforechristmas #disneyfans #disneydays #disneyblog #disneyblogger #disneybloggerjuststarting #disneymagic #disneyphoto #disneyaddict #disnerd #disneyinsta #disneygram #disneyannualpassholder #aboutme #factsaboutme #lifeofadisneyblogger

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The next steps are a bit tricky, so be sure to take down notes. First off, request for whipped cream at the bottom of the cup. Then, ask your barista to top it with a few java chips. This is where the White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino comes in with more java chips in it. Lastly, request for whipped cream on top. And for the finishing touches, request for a dusting of matcha powder and mocha cookie crumbles on top. There you have it!




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“You’re joking! You’re joking! I can’t believe my eyes!” This custom order Oogie Boogie Frappuccino has been floating around the internet and I finally decided to give it a try! White mocha, java chip, whipped cream and matcha powder… all I can say is you should definitely try it for yourself! I wrote a review for this drink over in our Daily Whimsy blog, giving more details and a link to the drink’s creator on how to order it at your local @starbucks! Follow the link in our bio to read it now ? – (NOTE: if ordering this drink please order it by listing off the ingredients to your barista, not just by telling them the name as this is not an official Starbucks drink, and please be kinder and more patient as custom drinks do take longer for them to make ?) . . #starbucks #frappuccino #oogieboogiefrappuccino #customdrink #secretmenu #starbuckscoffee #starbucksfrappuccino #timburton #nightmarebeforechristmas #oogieboogie #disneyvillains #disney #halloween #disneygram #instadisney #disneyphoto #disneyaccount #disneyfollow #disneyigers #disneyfood #disneyeats #disneylifestyle #disneyaddict #disnerd #disneylife #disneylove #dailywhimsyblog

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If you’re ordering with your family or friends, be sure to get the Jack Skellington Frappuccino and the Sally Frappuccino as well to complete the squad. Now, who else is lowkey hoping for other Nightmare Before Christmas characters to get their own Starbucks secret menu drinks?