Exciting Hotel Design Features A Glass Pool Protruding 2,000Ft Above Norwegian Fjords

The primary purpose of hotels is to provide a comfortable accommodation and other services to travelers and those who are looking for a relaxing lodging. But this cliff concept boutique hotel will give guests a thrilling experience rather than a relaxing stay. Designed by architectural design studio Hayri Atak, the concept proposes a boutique hotel built onto the side of Preikestolen.

Preikestolen is a steep cliff that rises 604 meters (around 2,000 feet) above the Lysefjorden fjords. Atop the cliff is a flat surface measuring approximately 25 by 25 meters. The site is a popular tourist attraction located in Rogaland, Norway.  Photos of the breathtaking view of the Preikestolen inspired the founder of the architectural design studio to create the cliff concept boutique hotel.

hayri atak cliff concept boutique hotel norway

“Even though I wasn’t there, I experienced the adrenaline of being on the edge,” Atak shares. “Then I dreamed of living on and beyond the edge. Simply, I just wanted [to] carry this experience beyond the edge and the idea of having this experience inspired me.”

Based on the proposal, the nine-suite hotel will be accessed through the entrance from the top of the cliff. Furthermore, the entrance would also double as a viewing deck. To give guests the true meaning of a ‘breathtaking’ hotel experience, the lounge area and guest rooms are built onto the side of the cliff. What’s more, the pool deck features a cantilevered glass pool hovering above the Norwegian fjords. Adventure-seeking guests can swim in the hovering pool while looking down 2,000 feet into the fjord.

Hayri Atak’s cliff concept boutique hotel features a cantilevered glass pool

hayri atak cliff concept boutique hotel cantilevered pool


hayri atak cliff concept boutique hotel hovering glass pool

Looking from the photos, this remarkable hotel is certainly not for the faint of heart. But for someone looking for an electrifying adventure, this cliff boutique hotel would be a dream come true. There’s no telling when this cliff concept boutique hotel would come to fruition. And it’s also likely that it will just remain a concept, well, considering the risks that come with it. But if you’re seriously looking for a thrilling pool experience, you may want to wait until the Sky Pool or the Infinity London is completed.

Source: Hayri Atak | Instagram