18 Ways To Change Old Things Into Cool New Things

Waste is an awful thing. We spend so much money on goods only to throw them away when we think they’ve served their purpose. However, these 18 things can be used as something else entirely at the end of their first life!

Whoever knew that old garden hoses can actually be turned into a very cool-looking rug? It’s amazing…you can easily save so much money with these simple ideas! Take a look and see what household stuff you can easily re-purpose today. A must see!

Why not try making candles with old coffee grounds? Instructions here.

Turn empty cans into planters!

Wow, these plastic bottles can be turned into awesome chandeliers! Instructions here.

Soda boxes make quirky pencil cases!

Make these awesome planters from old drawers!

Re-use old milk jugs as planters.

De-clutter your home by placing publications into cereal box magazine holders!

A mason jar makes a pretty vase.

Boring paper lanterns can easily be prettied up. Instructions here.

Turn an old board game into a cool bag! Instructions here.

Almond containers can easily be re-purposed.

Who knew you could make a rug from old hoses?

An old shirt can be turned into a lovely pillowcase.

Need something sweet during a camping trip? Bake cake over the fire in whole orange peels.

Use an old plastic container to hold all your trash bags in one place.

Melting down old and almost-done lip balms into pretty mint containers gives them a new lease of life.

Use pineapple skins to make sun tea.

Keep the ends of old candles and make new ones in the old jars!