Minute Maid Has Released A Blue Raspberry Flavor That Could Be Your Go-To Drink Through Spring

Minute Maid has released their Blue Raspberry flavored drink. The timing of this new product’s launch couldn’t be more perfect, seeing as how classic blue is the color of the year. In fact, we’ve been seeing a lot of sapphire-hued treats and sips coming out lately. And most of them come in Blue Raspberry flavor as well. So it’s pretty obvious that Blue Raspberry is the flavor of the year!

A lot of us, ourselves included, have been wondering lately whether or not blue raspberries actually exist. Because, let’s be honest: the concept of such berries really existing seems like a fantasy. However, according to our dear friend Google, it actually exists. But they’re better known as white bark raspberries. When they ripen, the berries take on a deep bluish purple color. The dark blue hues from these berries vary immensely from the electric blue color that we’re seeing from Minute Maid’s Blue Raspberry drink. But that’s not stopping us from wanting to gulp a bottle or two in one sitting!






The new Minute Maid Blue Raspberry drink is available now

The electric new refreshment was unveiled during the National Association of Convenience Stores Show (NACS) in 2019. And it definitely generated some buzz among its attendees. Apparently, Coca-Cola decided to add a Blue Raspberry flavor to the 2020 Minute Maid lineup because they saw it was the next big thing. It had apparently grown 6% (more popular?) as a beverage flavor choice in 2019 alone. And they totally called it! This year, it seems as though we’re being served blue raspberry everything, like Pop-Tarts!

We’ve had to wait quite a bit for this cool new drink to arrive, but they’re finally here! More and more people are beginning to spot them and they only have one thing to say: it’s a delicious fruity drink that you should absolutely try this Spring/Summer! The 20-ounce bottles of blue fruit juice started popping up on shelves sometime around February. However, Minute Maid is yet to distribute these cool new drinks to major retailers. But the minute they do, you better bet your hat that the shelves will get cleared immediately. It’ll probably make a great mixer for those sunny brunches and chill hangouts we’ve got planned…