Kit Kat’s Raspberry Crème Miniatures Are Back Before Valentine’s Day

While most of us are busy enjoying the festive season, here comes Hershey’s, already prepping us for Valentine’s Day 2021. Apparently, Kit Kat’s Raspberry Crème Flavor has made its way back to shelves as early as now. And, no, we’re not complaining at all! After all, it’s never too early to get ourselves into a romantic mood and indulge in sweet Valentine’s Day treats.

First released around the same time last year, this special-edition flavor features the same crisp wafers that we love. However, instead of milk chocolate, they’re coated with raspberry-flavored white crème. So, the result is a delightfully pink treat that’s undoubtedly fitting for Valentine’s day. Plus, it’s no secret that red fruit-flavored treats tend to dominate the shelves during the month of love. So, raspberry is certainly a welcomed addition.

kit kat's raspberry crème


Kit Kat’s Raspberry Crème Flavor is back, months ahead of Valentine’s Day

Thanks to Instagram user @foodiewiththebeasts, we can be sure that this Valentine’s Day offering is officially back on shelves. Although we’re still months away from February, Giant has apparently already begun stocking up on these treats. Just like last year, they still come in bright pink bags with heart-shaped graphics all over. So, it shouldn’t be a challenge spotting them on shelves.


Each bag contains nine ounces of individually wrapped Miniatures, making them great for sharing and giveaways. But, of course, not sharing is also an option. Hopefully, you can successfully restrain yourself from devouring the entire bag in just one sitting. That way, you’d still have enough to munch on by February. Or… you can simply start stocking up on a couple of bags as early as now!



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Luckily, just like last year, it seems like this flavor will be available at several retailers, including Walmart and Stop & Shop. Even so, do note that these Kit Kats are a limited-time offering only. So, take no chances and snag a few bags now while others are still stocking up on gingerbread-flavored treats! You’ll thank us later for sure.

Source: Hershey’s