Missguided Have Released Cute Matching Loungewear For You And Your Bestie

Last Christmas, Missguided gave dog owners matching knit jumpers to wear with their beloved pooches. As expected, that collection sold out quicker than you can say ‘fetch’. And now, Missguided has released a brand new collection for fashionable yet low-key owners and pets to chill in day in and day out! Because let’s face it: our definition of spending quality time with our furry friend usually just means doing nothing together.

Their holiday collection consisted primarily of matching knit jumpers. But this new collection features more pieces for you to choose from. Missguided’s new pet-and-owner matching set features items like a sweatshirts, jumpers, t-shirts, and jumpers! Each piece is absolutely cozy and ready for the streets at the same time. Some even have fun snarky puns emblazoned on them!




The grey Missguided loungewear comes complete with  a co-ord hoodie set and miniaturized hoodie and tee for your pup!


Missguided has launched a new collection of comfy clothes you and your pooch can mix and match together

This updated collection features several sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts that come in grey, black, white, camel, and brown. Our personal favorite is the snazzy black sweatshirt that says ‘branch manager’ in metallic gold lettering. But the sassy pink sweatshirt asking ‘Are you obsessed with me” comes as a close second! (Yes, I am obsessed with you, cute doggo.) There’s also a whole new range of matchy knits for you and your pooch that come in blue, cream, grey, and pink.

All these pieces come in three comfortable sizes. The small size is perfect for Chihuahuas, Mini Daschunds, and Small Yorkies. But if your pet is about the size of Jack Russells, Border Terriers, Yorkies, Mini Schnauzers, Pugs, Mini Poodles, Cavaliers, Cocker Spaniels, and Dalmatians, then you should grab a piece in size medium. But if your dog’s on the big side like Westies, Large Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Old English Sheepdogs, and Rottweilers, then you’d best grab your piece of choice in large.


Dress up your pup with these cool duds



You don’t have to sacrifice your love for pink to be cool – these matching pink dog hoodie and sweatshirt make sure of that! This new collection features a load of fun, witty slogans printed on the shirts and hoodies that’s definitely going to raise your pooch’s street cred. Check out the other pieces featured in the collection below:

“I’m normally naked” dog tee

Black dragon-print hoodie

White hoodie with ‘Fetch’ print

“Not Your Basic B*tch” hoodie

“Branch Manager” sweatshirt


These sweet knits will make your furry friend a hundred times more precious

“Love Pug” jumper

“My Valentine” jumper

“Puppy Love” jumper

“Are you obsessed with me” jumper


There are also solid-colored knit jumpers available




All of these are available through the Missguided website.