Laura Palumbo’s Awesome Minimalist Illustrations Of Dog Breeds


If you're a dog lover, get ready to feast your eyes on these awesome doggie drawings. And, if not a fan of dogs, then we ask you why not! Although all canines are great, most dog lovers have a certain breed that they just can't get enough of. Artist and graphic designer Laura Palumbo, who hails from the Florence area in Italy, has come up with these sleek and minimalist illustrations of different dog breeds. Not only are they extremely effective, it also makes you realize how distinctive dog breeds are, despite being so closely related. Just a perfunctory glance over these illustrations and you can probably recognize most of the breeds, without even reading the names. Yet, they're all dogs and are all extremely similar in a lot of ways. But enough philosophizing on the nature of dog breeds, let's check out Laura's work!

Website: Laura Palumbo on Behance


Laura Palumbo



Laura Palumbo


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