Remarkable Photos That Will Burn Into Your Brain For A While

We want all the good moments to stay in our memory for good and all the bad ones to disappear. But there are certain remarkable photos that can stick to the mind for awhile. And no matter how much we try to shake them off, they just stay in there. What makes these photos so unforgettable that they really make a deep impression? They may be funny, disturbing, inspiring, creepy, or confusing. Our brains tend to retain the images that we either intensely love or extremely loathe. We just hope you have enough space in your memory to contain these following remarkable photos. Whether you like it or not, they will linger in your mind for some time.



Vegans should stay away from this shop.

The Chive

Someone needs to remind this kid that this is weight-lifting and not waist-lifting.

eBaum’s World

So how are you going to eat this bagel sandwich?

Imgur | EmoSadBoy

When your beard looks more stylish than your hair.

The Chive

I’ve no issues with bald hair but if you plan of staying under the sun, it’s either you apply sunscreen all over your head or don’t wear any hat at all.

The Chive

The confusing design of this hallway gives you the feeling of walking through a dimensional portal.

Reddit | TwineTime

One uninvited guest is stealing the show in this wedding party.

The Chive

Unforgettable photos that will definitely leave a mark



Don’t worry, no one is hurt in this picture. If you look closely, the arm is perfectly fine. This strange metal thing creates an illusion to make it seem like the arm is broken.

Reddit | iaretyrawr

Are these dancing utility poles designed to entertain drivers?


He doesn’t mean to be rude but that’s actually his name.

eBaum’s World

How did they ever build this magnificent tower made from filing cabinets?

Reddit | rightcoastguy

My intuition tells me it’s better to stay away from this woman. That axe she’s holding is not a good news.

eBaum’s World

A slice of pizza to represent standard for guys and girls can be a bit confusing. I mean, why pizza of all things? Furthermore, why is the pizza guy armless?

Reddit | AnestTsak

There’s so many dubious things in this picture. That’s definitely not a wine, you can apparently see the stain, and the couch isn’t in good condition at all. More importantly, why does the seller in a hurry to leave the country?

eBaum’s World

There’s someone who don’t belong to this group. Can you see it? It’s the one with the glasses!

Imgur | blakeselke